Fresher’s Party

                    It was almost an month that i joined @ BVB college and our seniors had arranged for fresher’s party for us. There was no trend of giving fresher’s party in Post Graduation but our seniors started it and we followed the tradition. They had planned so many things for the fresher’s party and called us many times just to infor the date and not miss that. We were very much pleased by seeing the efforts put in by our seniors just for their juniors and to show that they exist in college. I was moved as they called everyone week prior and informed, reminded us whenever they met. It was planned on 19th September 2009 in the auditorium of the college.

                    As planned, all our friends decided to meet at once place outside and go at once. As we entered into the auditorium, we saw it was way to big for people of 60 or less. Our seniors then made us sit and formally introduced themselves so that we know their names and also about what is special about any person who was being introduced. Later we also introduced ourselfs and where we from.  Many lecturer’s from CS and IS department was called to attend the party and they turned us slowly. At first, CS HOD Mr. Biradar started the same old stuff about college and said us many things about CS department. When he was giving speech, i was reminded of Atal Bihari Vajpee as he used to talk at very slow pace :). After finishing all the formalities (like introductory speeches by HOD and other lecturers), we moved to lunch. But before that, we had one suprise. Our seniors brought cake and asked us to cut it. That was very sweet of them.

Fresher’s cake arranged by our seniors

                        We then had our snacks (samosa, jalebi, cake etc) with seniors and enjoyed. Once the snacks was finished, we are told by seniors to be seated in the same auditorium as there are few games to be played. We weren’t aware of any of this coming. After sometime, when everyone was in the auditorium seniors gave red rose to everyone and started the games. First game was inserting a thread into a very thin needle for which pradeep and samina were chosen. When it started, we were cheering for pradeep to finish it n prove tat boys can also do it. And yes, our prayers were listened and pradeep won it :).

Thread and needle game with Pradeep and Samina

                    Then came the other game where the person who keeps most no. of bindi’s on their face wins the game. And the contestants were Guru and Indira. And we had a clear winner and that was guru. In a way, guru is kind of good at this girly stuff :P. We proved once again that, boys can do  better what gals do daily.

Indira and Guru in Bindi competition

                 There was one interesting game which is taking a straw we need to place small thermacol balls into a plate. Vijay And Shridevi were nominated for this. Both were hesistant to play that game but eventually agreed to play. As usual again, boys won the fight.

Shridevi and Vijay in a competition

                   Now, the game to be played was blowing maximum no. of balloons in a time limit. Lucky lottery picked up the names of Neha and Jagadeesh. And guess who won the competition, yes your right again!! Jagadeesh won it with ease.

Balloon competition btw Neha and Jagadeesh

                          The Elephant tail game was the next to be played for which Deepak and Shivraj were chosen. Shivraj missed to draw the tail by small margin but we made sure that deepak didn’t lose the game.. It was such a nice feeling where many of them were directing deepak to move left, little right etc etc.

Deepak drawing Elephant’s tail
Shivraj drawing Elephant’s tail

                                  Now its my turn of playing the game and it was a bizarre moment for me. I feared of getting something awkward and it happened. I was chosen to perform a small act which says ” going to meet your gal friend”. I need to do all the things before i meet my gal friend and take her to ride. Like i need to put the keys to unlock the bike, remove the stand, kick it and start the bike, start going to my gal friend’s home (was humming burrr burr :)), picked her up and took her to ride.  It was one of the worst performance of my life and still i enjoyed it to the core.

Inserted the key for the bike (in the play)
Riding with my GF (in the play)

                 Then their was the drunken act from chandan which was very hilarious and was in pure uttar karnataka istyle. Then came the awards ceremony, Miss Fresher was given to Indira Bidari , Mr. Fresher was given to Guruprasad Konnurmath and last but not least Mr. lucky was none other than Mr. Shivkumar Umadi. Then atlast we had once group photo of juniors alone and other was with seniors.

M.Tech Batch juniors -2009 (My batch)
With our seniors

The day ended with loads of enjoyment and loads of appreciation for our seniors who had so much for us. It really was something special which they had done to us. We will rem it for sure 🙂 :).