1st Trip in Hubli

I had somehow landed in hubli (in Karnataka) to join BVB college for ma Post Graduation in Computers. I made few friends on the 1st day and jelled up with many people as days passed on. At the first, college seems to be boring because we had mere strength of 18. Then later on, we got used to it and started enjoying. I still remember we started moving together as a gang in college and even for lunch we used to go out collectively @ karnatak bhavan where he always served us brinjal curry :). One fine day, while discussing we planned going for a small trip around hubli. Then plan was decided to go to Gokarna, Murdeswara and om beach. To that, many people said yes (only boys) but at last moment few of the friends dropped out. We continued our trip planning and decided to leave on 30th jan 2010 around 4AM. Everyone was excited about it and was thrilled. We got up around 3 and Jagadeesh (one of ma friend) used to call everyone at 3 AM just to check whether we got or still sleeping :). We got ready and picked our friends (Me, Deepak, Guru, Jagadeesh, Shivraj and Pradeep).

We started our journey in the dawn and headed towards Gokarna. We were chatting and pulling out legs of every classmate specially about Guru, Jagadeesh and Deepak. We stopped at many places just to smoke or take pics of nature or for nature call. One of them is below pic:

On the road to Gokarna
(L-R) Pradeep, Jagadeesh, Me, Guru, Deepak and Shivraj (Below)

Then we reached gokarna and took the darshan of the linga and went to the beach which is just behind the temple. We spent some time there seeing the shore and watching how waves hit the shore and go back.

@ Behind Gokarna Temple

After spending time at beach, we started heading towards Idagunji to take darshan of lord ganesha. People say that many devotees come here and make their wish which come true in different ways. It was an wonderful experience visiting one such place.

@ Idagunji

After taking visiting the temple, we headed for Murudeshwar which is one of the popular places in nothern karnataka. There stands a world’s second tallest statue of LORD SHIVA roaring to the sky. when looked at the statue for the first time, you would say “Wow!! Thats Amazing”. Its was very pleasant feeling to be there and peaceful to heart as cool breeze touches you. The below pic was taken from a long distance from main entrance.

Statue of Lord Shiva @ Murudeshwara

There was a small museum underneath the statue which showed the history of the epic. There is also a chariot with sun behind it. There was so much anxiousness between us and wanted to explore more but were in short of time. The location was awesome as the temple was on the coast and we can stretching our self to see as far as possible. It was a great feeling to be there and seeing into the sea and birds flying by. Then we few snaps around the temple and enjoyed there for some time. Then we headed towards Om Beach to spend our rest of the day enjoying there.

The moment we saw Om Beach from the far upon the hill, i was amazed. The scenery of nature was at its best. It was the perfect shot for the photographers to shoot nature landscapes. One of the pic is below:

View of Om Beach upon the hill
Small island @ Om Beach

We started walking towards the beach and when had the full view, we were filled with so much relief and happiness to see place like dis for the first time (It was the 1st time i was seeing a beach in real). There than walked and roam around the beach to watch people and their actions (nakare in hindi). Then we changed into shorts and started moving towards the water. when the water hit us, there was a small shock in our body because the water was so cold and was touching our feets. Then when we had a dive into the beach, and unfortunately tasted the water which was very salty n eye burning (i still rem that feeling).  There were many people around in the water enjoying with their friends.

There was one special moment which everyone in the trip will remember for sure for their rest of the life. I never expected such kind of thing to happen and not from shivraj atleast. I would not disclose what did happend there but it was done all of a sudden. Me and Pradeep were the living audience for that. I was dumbstruck by seeing that incident. It wouldn’t say it was shivraj’s fault as he was provoked by a gang of youngsters which he fell prey to. Later he realized his mistake and started making japa’s (like saint does) in the car. All our friends saw that and burst into laughter seeing which he smiled and ignored it. Then, Guru and Jagadeesh started to roam around the beach to check out people and try their luck and they were lucky in a way (boys are boys always). Deepak wanted to chill out so went and brought a beer. We were relaxing and playing in water for long time and were tired eventually. As the sun was setting down, we thought it about time to leave. We started to leave the place and suddenly at a hill point, was amazed by the scenery (sun setting in below pic). We stopped at the corner of the hill top and took pics of sun going to sleep.

Sunset view from hill near om beach
At the hill point near Om Beach

Above pic was the last pic of the tour taken at the hill point near om beach. We enjoyed the trip to the fullest. At last, we reached hubli around 9PM and returned back to daily routine of our life. Personally, it was one of the BEST trips of my stay @ hubli.