Syntheri Rocks

                  It was in the month of February that we planned to go for the next trip. Gals complained us last time saying they weren’t informed of any trip and were angry at us. We promised them that we would inform them next time when we plan for a trip so that we all (boys & gals) can have fun. As we were planning, we asked gals as promised whether they are willing to come or not. They replied saying, many of the gals are willing to come for the trip. We then sat together and started to plan where all to go. Many of friends suggested places but we eventually decided to visit Ulavi Channabasaveshwara Temple and Syntheri rocks

                 The date was fixed for the trip, and it was on 19th February 2010. We decided to leave very early in the morning so as to return back soon. As planned, we got ready around 4 AM in the morning and were told to meet at one place so that it would be easy to pick many people at once. Jagadeesh and Deepak were in charge of the trip. Me, Shivu, Indira, Akshata, Jagadeesh, Shivraj and Deepak meet @ Sirur park circle where the vehicle was waiting for us. We all then hopped into the vehicle and started to pick up other friends from their homes. We then picked up Neha nad Samina from their homes and started towards pradeep home. We picked him up and started towards Guru’s home to pick him up and started our journey towards ulavi temple.   It was a foggy morning where we weren’t able to see other objects within 20meters. It was such a thrill seeing so much fog on the way.

A Foggy Morning
@ Early Morning on the way to Ulavi Temple

               We then reached Ulavi temple and took the darshan of Basavaanna and roam around the temple just to get feel of it.  In order to remember this moment, we clicked many snaps and had breakfast near ulavi temple.

In Front of Ulavi Temple

                    We left from ulavi temple and were on the way to Syntheri rocks, when we sWe stopped at one of the spot which had one watch tower from which we can see the never-ending dandeli forest. The view was awesome. Wherever our eyes saw, it was filled with green color. We then clicked few snaps there and continued our journey towards Syntheri rocks. 

View from Watch Tower
Gals pose @ watch tower
Boys @ watch tower

                After few hours of chit chatting, antakshari, pj’s etc. we reached Syntheri rocks. We need to park the the vehicle a bit far and need to walk few steps and then down the stairs. When we took the stairs, we saw the water flowing in smaller streams and bigger rocks holding in support with each other. It was at least 0.5 km steep down from the top where the vehicle was parked. We got down to base and saw the scene of water flowing with cool air moving around us.

               At first, we relaxed for sometime on the rocks beside the smaller streams of water. Then boys started playing with water and drenched all other friends.  Boys then changed into shorts and plunged into water and pulled many others into water (boys not gals :)).  Gals went to other place in order to have their privacy and we boys respected that. Boys started shouting (as always) and clapping on the water hardly. I still rem, the only person who wasn’t dragged or pulled into water was Shivkumar Umadi aka Shivu. We forced him but were in vain so gave him the punishment of clicking our pics :). Everyone was chiling around in water, diving, sleeping on big stones in water etc.

@ Syntheri rocks
Enjoying at the fullest with friends @ Syntheri rocks

                 Gals were enjoying their own way by being around the rocks and spilling water on each other faces. We were in water for hours and were totally exhausted. Now we all were hungry and wanted something to eat desperately.  We dressed and took  few snaps around the scene with boys.

Before leaving Syntheri Rocks

                As we started our journey back to hubli, everyone was completely tried and were sleepy. On the way back, we planned to have diner @ RED FORT located on the way hubli. It was around 7 PM when we reached Red Fort and everyone got up and refreshed themselves. We sat in the open garden and started ordering like hungry lion looking for fresh :). Everyone popped up when starters were served and enjoyed the dinner with jokes, moments spent in the journey etc.

Diner @ RED FORT

      It was around 9PM when we finished our diner and came out of the restaurant. We took one final pic of the trip outside the restaurant (below one) and left the place. Then by dropping everyone at their respective homes, it was late for us (Me, jagadeesh and Deepak). Finally, everyone were at their home and were happy about the trip. It was memorable trip, all in all. Hope for the next trip with all you people :).