Wonder La

           It’s been not even a month now in the IT industry and I have been to the first company outing to WONDER LA. I have heard about the amusement park earlier through my friends but never been there. I had been to one such amusement park when I was studying back in Hyderabad (Ocean Park). Keeping my experiences in-check with amusement park, I was not so thrilled nor so excited about the outing.


It’s been a week (13-July, 2011) now that we have been to Wonder La. It was organized by the company to only RnD department and we (Interns & Contractors) were also taken into consideration for the outing. As it was still early days in the office and there weren’t many friends made so we sticked to the smaller group- of IT Admin’s and Facility manager. The first ride on entering the amusement park was the “WONDER SPLASH” which kick started our fun.

Then we went to play at WAVE POOL. This pool is one of the happening places in Wonder La. People of all ages come here and try to get the taste of the waves which keeps on increasing for certain time window. There will be photographers who will be taking pictures of your moments and give you tags (which will ensure you get back your cherished moments back).  The waves are triggered only for certain time and after that it’s just swimming pool. We took pictures there and moved to water rides. You will find different kinds of water rides such as dry and wet rides. They vary from kinds of rides to the height of the slide.

We did try many water rides such as boomerang, Harakiri, Uphill Racer, Water Pendulum, Wavy and vertical Fall etc. The rides tire you easily but the adrenalin which pumps through the ride brings back all the energy and urges for one more ride. After a while, we were tired so went to have our lunch in the restaurant inside the amusement park.

After having our lunch, we opted for “High Thrill rides” which brought our gut to the mouth. Few rides which we tried were such as Flash tower, Insanity, Y-scream, Maverick etc. When we checked the time, it was quarter past four and there was many many games to played but we couldn’t manage as we need to gather around the main gate at 5 PM as informed earlier. There was disappointment that we couldn’t cover other games and rides but at the same time, happiness that we were able to enjoy nicely. I promised myself that I would visit again and cover the other games and rides.