Christmas Eve and New Year Party @ SOFTWARE AG

                 Ravindra Nayak, Facility manager of Software AG announced a month ago for the Christmas eve and new year celebration party of 2011 @ ORCHID HOTEL, Bengaluru. Everyone was thrilled and excited for the event. In a way, people was thinking what kind of events can be done in order to make it huge success when compared to earlier years.  Practice for songs, dance rehearsals, singing, searching for fun games and quick polls were already started running into people’s mind.

                  Initially, i wasn’t into any event as i keep myself very reserved when it comes to dancing. Dancing is not my cup of tea. I love dancing but my body doesn’t sync up with me well :P. As days progressed, people began showing more interest into dancing, singing, involving into the events, organizing. Then all of a sudden , out of no where we had a plan to perform an comedy act/skit on the celebration day. I remember it correctly that while having our lunch @ Cafeteria, Me Pradeep, Akshay, Bapi, Shanawaz shared this plan and they loved the idea of skit coming into picture and everyone gave a heads up to this. We started planning for the our act which should make audience burst into laughter. We ran into many ideas but none of them caught our complete attention. Then we got an idea of cumulating series of scams n famous incidents in the recent times like sardar slapping sharad pawar, nityananda controversy etc. We decided among our group of friends and made changes in order to bring more humor to the play. But later realised this skit might be blocked as someone need to review it and accept it. So we took help of Appu and Kuldeep in order to supervise and guide us through the end. We shared our ideas with them and called up a meeting for it. In the meeting, we decided what we will be skit, what roles to be needed etc. We finally had a good skit in hand which would work out for sure. The skit was titled as ‘MODERN RAMAYAN’ with loads of pj’s and cool stuff which would was the recipe to bring humor to the play. But later we realized this might hurt sentiments of few people (which we didn’t intended to do). so dropped out the concept of modern ramayan and opted for new title by name ‘LOVE STORY 2050’. Sounds interesting, is it!!

                 There were many key characters in the play like RANDY (played by guru), RANI (played by Aishvarya), JACKIE (played by Bapi), DON (played by me), NITYANANDA (played by shanawaz, it suited him pretty well :)), RAJINI (played by akshay), Grandma and Grandpa (played by Appu and Manish), Neighbour (played by Avinash Agarwal), Banner boy (Akash) etc. The key role was the background voice for which we selected Pradeep who brought that x-factor to the play. Not to forget the role of director by kuldeep, his support was always there and was constantly motivating us. We rehearsed many a times in the basement to make the skit a success.

                   Bapi, Me and guru were chosen to do a small cameo in one of the group dance.  U heard me, I was chosen to dance :). I was like, i cannot do it. After discussing n thinking so much, i decided to dance. Finally, the day had come and we went early around 4PM to the hotel so as to get feel of the place and rehearsal once of the stage. I remember when i first got on the stage , there a mike stand with mike placed on it. Pradeep joined me on stage, i took the mike and starting humming. Then suddenly i sang a line of famous song “Habibi habibi habibi” :).

Pradeep and Me on stage
Enjoying at the time of final practice

                    We practiced for a while and later dance practice were on. As we were also a part of the song, we too had a small practice session of that too. It was time by then now and people started coming in to the hall. We then changed to costumes provided by our director and were raring to perform.

                 The celebration started with a song and then with a beautiful dance by two kids on the song ‘Why dis kolaverdi’. Two kids started the evening with a bang with splendid performance with their innocence and courage to dance on floor. Then there was a classical dance (Kathak) performed by daughter of Sampath. The elegance with which she performed was awesome and it reflected with huge no. of clapping in the hall. Then there was song sung by vidya’s daughter and a small competition of wrapping their partner soon enough in certain time limit.

Two kids performing on ‘why dis kolaver di’ song

              Hall was jam packed and people were standing around and were enjoying the evening, Next event was our play. There was a sense of anxiousness and fear in all of us. Everything was set up and we were waiting at side of the stage covering ourselfs.  First scene was about the birth of randy and death of his neighbour. Second scene was after 20 yrs where randy(Guru) flirts with gals and sings the song ‘Jab bhi koi ladki dekhoon, mera dil deewana bole, ole ole ole’.

Randy(Guru) in act

                 Now comes my entry as DON with the song ‘Mujhko pechanlo main hoon don’. I did reasonably well and audience aplauded with cheers and smiles all around. The next entry was of other key role ‘JACKIE’ (bapi). The entry song for his character was none other than ‘jackie jackie jackie jackie’ from jackie movie. I must say, Bapi has the energy and style to dance well. I saw people shouting on his performance.

Bapi on the song ‘jackie jackie’

                     Then the main entry of the heroine of the skit/play ‘RANI’. Audience screamed her name and shouted while performing on the song ‘Hips dont lie’. Then the play went on for while with innovative yet old style breaks. There were 2 special appearances in skit which were RAJINI (Akshay) and NITYANANADA oops SATYANANDA (Shanawaz).  I still have the entry of rajini in my mind with the background score playing ‘basha basha’. The punch line was the loud smile and the famous rajini dialogue ‘ Na vuru thodava sona, nooru thodava sona matiri’. People burst into the laughter by seeing that clip and the emotions portayed by akshay. The other character was SATYANANDA which was again typical modern.

Akshay as Rajini

                      Then i did a Michael Jackson gig on the song ‘Beat it’ with Rani. The plot was moving smoothly and was coming to the end. Once the play was finished, all the members were called on the stage in order to appreciate the work we had put into.

Our Skit Gang

                          After finishing with the play, we had once more cameo to be done in group dance. We finished the small cameo and changed ourself. We (our group) then went outside to relax and started having our dinner. Dinner was very yummy as there were different cuisines prepared. Even chilled beer was available and people were enjoying the atmosphere. We had many snaps taken while diner and one of them is below

@ Orchid hotel
Official photo with GCS guys

                 We then took official photographs which was sponsored by company. and relaxed in the hall seeing all the performances done by many individuals and team wise. Time was almost come where we need to bid bye to the day and end the party. The party was a grand success and many families, colleagues and others  enjoyed the evening to the core and there was huge smile on each and every person in the hall. There is one person to whom we should be thankful and that is none other than ‘RAVI’.  Without his support, nothing was possible. He took care of even the smallest thing which required and was till the end of party.

Had one of the best evenings @ Software AG, Cheers guys!! 🙂