My Canon EOS 550D

     I always had the passion for few things in my life, One of them is PHOTOGRAPHY. I loved clicking pictures anywhere i go. I tried to purchase a camera for myself but it wasn’t possible as i didn’t want to ask my parents regarding it. I wanted to it purchase it on my own. I started earning and somewhere back of the mind, a cam or DSLR was always running back of my mind. I discussed it with many people to buy which cam or DSLR and i got various suggestions and advice’s from friends and other people who are good at photography. Visited many stores and checked but was in dilemma on which one to buy.  I saved money month by month so as to buy a DSLR. Finally, i decided to purchase Canon EOS 550D DSLR which was best for amateurs and is in affordable range.

Canon EOS 550D

            Many people agreed to this and said, it would be best DSLR to start up with for an amateur. I made up my mind for it and finally ordered it through ebay on this day (14th April 2012). It was a proud moment for me because, what i wanted from many years is finally arriving. I had this strange kind of satisfaction in me after ordering it. I need to start clicking pictures once i get it. There is one bad habit of mine, i love photography while travelling (mostly in nature places, forest etc) or any peaceful place where i can focus and enjoy it to the core. I don’t find much interest in places where there is alot of buzz and people. I need to inculcate this habit of adjusting and start clicking pictures in those environments too. Its bit difficult but still, i will give it a try.