New bird in the office

A bird has come to our office and people are already targeting it. They find her beautiful but for me, she is not. I m kinda different guy, who has unlikely taste and wants simple things. Boys are always boys, no matter what comes or goes :).

V rock!!


Parents visit to ‘Bengaluru’

           My parents called me one fine day and said, they are planning to visit bengaluru sometime this weekend. I was having my own plans for that weekend but cancelled it as for me, it was more important that anything else. As planned, they started from hyderabad on 22nd June 2012 around 5PM. Dad informed me that they will be coming around 6-6.30AM in the morning. I said, i will be coming in the morning to pay a visit to railway station as they were planning to stay at my cousin’s home near Electronic city. I went to railway station around 6.30AM and Jagadeesh (My cousin’s husband) was also waiting for my parents and his father-in-law and mother-in-law. After few minutes, they arrived at station and i wished them and had chat for few mins. they suggested me to come to electronic city and stay there. I refused and said will be coming in the afternoon. After going back to room, i had some office work which i finished it and left for electronic city.

        Around 12.30PM in the afternoon, i reached their home where everyone was chiling out. Dad, uncle, Jagadeesh, Deepak and Gowirsh were discussing about something which i tend to ignore. Womens n gals were in kitchen and talking their own stuff. Then we planned to have lunch at their home where i ordered Aarthi (my cousin) to prepare my favourite dish (Aloo and Tomato curry). Stomach was completely filled up after the lunch and i was kindoff sleeply around that time. After lunch, Mission Impossible 1 was being showed on the sony pix which we watched till the end. Then had a chat with jagadeesh on what places to visit and decided to visit ISKON in the evening. It was around 5PM when everyone got ready finally and got into Maruti 800 and Ford Ikon which jagadeesh had brought. I started early as i had some work to be finished. I informed them that i will be joining them directly at ISKON. It was around 8.20PM that we reached ISKON and by the time we entered the main hall,  Pooja was being carried out. All of them left lucky as they were on time for the puja. After puja and taking darshan of Lord Krishna, we decided to have diner somewhere around and part our ways (me to my room and all of them to my cousin’s home).  We finally went to BASAVA MANTAP @ Rajajinagar to take the blessing and pay a visit to Mata Mahadevi who is our guru. We had prayer there and met our guru. Our parents had chat on various issues and other official work as we were joking behind and playing with my camera. After few mins, the diner (or call it as prasad) was prepared for us. We had our diner which was very tasty and decided to take a leave. Before leaving, we had new snaps and call it a day.

@ Lalbagh

Next few days, they visited many places in bengaluru like Lalbagh, Banshankari Temple, Bull Temple, Orion Mall etc. They visited many places which i didn’t visit in my stay of  1year in bengaluru. Its always this way where, people who stay in the city doesn’t get time to visit the places whereas people who come from other places visit most of the places. My parents were so happily and were relived from all the tensions of daily life. Though, i hadn’t spent much time with them as it was weekdays and they insisted me not to take leave. I really felt very happy and satisfied by seeing the happiness and smile’s on my parents face, my cousin’s, uncle n aunty.

Hope to c you soon again in bengaluru 🙂

My School’s Last pic

                  This is one of the rarest pic of my school days  in the year 2003 and every time i see this, i get a smile on my face seeing all ma friends. Those days were the best of my life. The innocence we had, the energy we had (we still have but that was something different). Look at the faces of them then and now, its a drastic change.

Ma School mates

            Everyone is into different fields spread around the world. I sometimes feels, life teaches you many things and one of them is to remember your moments of past which effect you. I m still in touch with many of them and hope to be in future. I have very fond memories of all of them with me. Will introduce to you all of dem in the future blogs.

Love u guys!! 🙂


                   June 15th 2011 was one of the important days of ma life. It was ma first day of my work in IT industry in the shape of SOFTWARE AG.  I was placed through college placement as an intern. Frankly speaking, i wasn’t expecting an offer because i thot i need to prepare myself more to get into IT industry, but luck favored me and i got selected into the company.

               Its been more than an year now in Software AG and i had many experiences (good and bad). Prior joining to the company, i was very much afraid or rather say hesitated because i never wore formals in my life. Its a serious NO-NO to my wardrobe. After getting selected, i started buying formals clothes and ma friends gifted me with clothes as gift. I felt very uneasy in formals as i wasn’t comfortable in it. One the 1st day of office, the first person to meet was Mrs. Mythri Kulkarni, she was the HR of the company. she greeted us and took us to one of the conf. room and told me and pradeep to sit there. After few mins, there were two guys who entered the conf. room and sat in front of us. They introduced us as SHANAWAZ MANIYAR and SHANKERRAPPA SAJJAN from RVCE college. These two people were talking in english contionously and tried impressing  us but everthing went to vain when we asked about their natives 🙂 :). One of them was from hubli and other from bidar. Then we stopped talking in english and started talking in proper kannada (uttar karnataka style). Then we filled up the formalities and went to respective teams. I was into BPM team and was greeted by Vidya Bhagwat, Nabin Singh, Harish Limba and Praneetha. Vidya was the one who was leading the team by then. The 1st thing which i felt was the warmth with which vidya welcomed me and made me comfortable with in the team. I still have great respect to her and treat her as my mentor. She was very polite to many of my mistakes and always corrected me so that i can understand well enough.

                  Time slowly started moving fastly and i was getting used to the office environment. I stopped wearing formals and was back to my best in causal wears as company wasn’t strict on dress code :). Then after few months, i was shifted to different team called SUSTAINING TEAM which was led by Rekha.  I started to learn more about automation tools under the guidance of Geetha and Karthik. They taught me in different areas and made me understand various concepts. Sometimes there was enough pressure put but that brought best in me and worst also of-course. I slowly got accustomed to the work and started gaining more knowledge.  And from the friends circle at office, it was also growing and i made many more friends.  Rekha was another person who understood me well and always guided me in correct way. There were many people too but as she was the manager and my interaction was more with her, he bonded well and always used to suggest me to improve in different areas by giving feedback.  Then one of the saddest moments of the company happened, when one of our colleague died in accident.  It was all of a sudden this mishap happened which shook many people including me. It took many days to recover from that incident (we still remember him in many ways).  After few days, somewhere in the mid of september i was appointed as the employee of Software AG. It was like a shock for me which i didn’t expect. Later i shifted to other team name called Software Update Manager (SUM).

                 One day, we all friends planned to have lunch outside office @ 24 tech hotel in our tech park. We were a gang of 12-15 people and were enjoying so much at office and outside too. This was the first outing with in friends which we had and captured in the pictures.

@ 24 Tech Hotel

             I wanted to get involved in office extra activities so joined Employee club which plans events for the company. We had many events in the past one year like Annual day Celebrations, trip to wonder la, Indoor sports tournament, cricket championship etc. We had loads of fun organizing events and also managing to work.

@ Wonder La

                We performed at annual day celebrations of the year 2011 which was the coolest things happened at Software AG. We did loads of practice for dance and skit (in which i played the role of DON 🙂 ).  That night was filled with fun and enthusiasm.

Our Skit Gang
@ Orchid hotel

             Then we organised Indoor Sports Tournament which included chess, TT, Carrom and FoosBall. It was almost one moth event and was so much to see players wining and others cheering them up. Rohit aka roti (as we call him) and me were handling the duty to make the tournament successful and in a way we did a very good job.

My Reward for organizing Indoor Sports Tournament

                     There was cricket championship which was conducted recently by employee club which turned out to be success. I believe every company should have a small team or club which should arrange activities which keeps them interested i work and also brings relaxation to mind. As per today, i have made many friends like pradeep, shanawaz, akshay, bapi, shankerappa, chandra, harsha, prashanth, kalpan, biswa, amit, manish, nadaf etc (sorry if i missed anyone). We have fultoo fun at office especially me, bapi and akshay. I can say it has been one  cherishable year @ SOFWTARE AG.

The day i lost my B’day gift

            It was on june 7th 2012, which i will remember always in my life. It was the day when i lost my phone(SONY Xperia S) which i had gifted to myself on my birthday.  The day started with weird things. I got up at around 6.30AM and was in completely different world hurrying things. I was in the state of mind that, i would be late to office as i had meeting to attend at 10AM. I literally decided to take my bike to office that day. Then seeing me, my cousin said “Why are you in so much hurry, its still 7.30AM”.  I was like, is it? then when i saw the watch it was 7.30Am and i was assuming it as 8.30AM. After realizing that there is so much time left, i decided not to take bike and go by BMTC bus. I had my breakfast and boarded bus from Vijaynagar to K.B.S. Got down at KBS and boarded 335E in order to reach office soon.

Sony Xperia S

          There was some strange feeling that day but i ignored it. While getting down the bus, one of the person stood in the opposite way so that it blocks me from getting down. I shouted on him and got down.  As soon i got down, i realized that my phone is missing (within 5 secs) and boarded the bus again. Checked the bus and informed bus conductor about it. It was ringing at first but then switched off. I had a doubt on a person and tried searching him completely but was in vain. I was shell shocked by this incident as i took it with so much love and damned it, it was only 10 days :(. I filed police complaint but of no use. Luckily, there was insurance for the phone which i claimed and submitted.

          That day i felt and realized the importance of a gift people give to their friends/parents/near ones.  No matter of the size of gift or price of it, its the love behind the gift that matters and nothing else.