The day i lost my B’day gift

            It was on june 7th 2012, which i will remember always in my life. It was the day when i lost my phone(SONY Xperia S) which i had gifted to myself on my birthday.  The day started with weird things. I got up at around 6.30AM and was in completely different world hurrying things. I was in the state of mind that, i would be late to office as i had meeting to attend at 10AM. I literally decided to take my bike to office that day. Then seeing me, my cousin said “Why are you in so much hurry, its still 7.30AM”.  I was like, is it? then when i saw the watch it was 7.30Am and i was assuming it as 8.30AM. After realizing that there is so much time left, i decided not to take bike and go by BMTC bus. I had my breakfast and boarded bus from Vijaynagar to K.B.S. Got down at KBS and boarded 335E in order to reach office soon.

Sony Xperia S

          There was some strange feeling that day but i ignored it. While getting down the bus, one of the person stood in the opposite way so that it blocks me from getting down. I shouted on him and got down.  As soon i got down, i realized that my phone is missing (within 5 secs) and boarded the bus again. Checked the bus and informed bus conductor about it. It was ringing at first but then switched off. I had a doubt on a person and tried searching him completely but was in vain. I was shell shocked by this incident as i took it with so much love and damned it, it was only 10 days :(. I filed police complaint but of no use. Luckily, there was insurance for the phone which i claimed and submitted.

          That day i felt and realized the importance of a gift people give to their friends/parents/near ones.  No matter of the size of gift or price of it, its the love behind the gift that matters and nothing else.


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