Dance, not my area

          It was birthday party of month june 2012 in the office. Before starting the party, Azhar had already informed us that there will be a quick group dance in the birthday party so make pairs by yourself so that you people might have chance of winning a gift voucher of Rs. 500 from flipkart. Akshay and Bapi were also there when azhar was sharing this information with me. The moment they heard about it, they backed out.

Birthday Cake for the month June 2012

           Birthday party announcement was made by ravi and informed all the people to join in the caferteria for party. We wantedly didn’t go early as azhar would catch us and make us participate. Me and Akshay went to party 10-15mins late and by the time, we entered cafeteria freshers were introducing about themselves (including the new bird). As the introductory part was finished, it was time for dance competition. Akshay and pradeep heard about it and vanished in a second. I was standing behind a bunch of womens and azhar looked at me and called me up. I was hesitant at first but eventually particpated. The other participant were Rohit aka Roti and Pandeji :).

Pandeyji initiated the moves
Rohit with his tumka’s

    When the song started, i had no clue what steps to do for the song as it was some bihari song. Pandeyji started with an girly move and thumka’s but the show stealler was rohit. The steps he perfomed were awesome and were syncing with the lyrics. The quick dance competition lasted for less than 1 minute and i haven’t done atleast one dance move. I knew, dance is never my cup of tea. Its was the time for the winner to be announced and the winner was none other than ‘ROHIT’ for his jhatka’s and matka’s. After the dance, I knew people would say you didn’t do atleast a step but i was happy by myself because i had the guts to face the audience and still do nothing. Atleast, i gave it a try even if its not my area. Then we had cake cutting ceremony which is kindoff ritual in our office. People whose birthday was in the month june were told to join in cake cutting ceremony. We then had cake and sandwiches which were arranged by office to all the staff. It was all in all, a good day which came to an end.


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