One of my favorite destination – MADIKERI

       I always wanted to go to some hilly area and stay there peacefully for a week or two and do nothing, just chill or watch nature. Many of my friends used to say that MADIKERI is one of the must-see places in karnataka. I used to fantasize how madikeri would look like, how weather would be etc. I always expressed my desire to go to madikeri to many of my friends and told them to plan about it but was always in vain. One way or the other, the trip was cancelled or delayed and i used to get frustated about it. Finally, My wish came true on 14th July 2012.

       Whenever i visit hubli for some work, i always used to meet my friend cum didu NEHA and SAMINA. They always took time out of their busy schedule and used to meet me whenever i visit hubli. We used to hang around so much. Once when i visited hubli to meet my sister, Neha and Samina expressed their desire to go for tour for which i ready agreed. We planned for a weekend around June but got cancelled due to personal reasons. Then they decided to go for tour in mid of July as they have holidays. Neha, Samina, Laxmi and I were on the list for the trip to madikeri. We decided that this time we would go for the tour irrespective of who is coming and who is not. After few days, we decided that the date and was fixed on 14th July 2012. We then asked our friends whether they want to join us in this tour and only Pradeep responded to yes. So the final members for the tour were Neha, Laxmi, Samina, Pradeep and Me. Laxmi, Neha and Samina would be arriving a day prior to the tour. I had already booked a taxi for the tour. We decided to go to madikeri from bengaluru and visit places on the way to madikeri.

       Early in the morning around 5.30 AM, the taxi had reached to pradeep and he boarded it. He reached to my room around 6 AM. We called up neha and samina to check they are ready or not but asusual, they weren’t. We reached to their PG around 7 AM but they got out around 8AM :). I expected it to happen so was chilled about the delay. We started from bengaluru and the journey to my much awaited place begun. I was very happy and excited about it. After few minutes of journey, we all had butterflies in our stomach so we planned to stop at some restuarant and KAMAT was the place. At Kamat, we found out that there was a buffer system which costs you Rs. 100 which included Idly, Dosa, Wada, Upma, Jilebi, Chutney, Sambar, Ladoo, Fruit salad,Juice, Tea, Coffee etc. We had our tiffin and started from there.

      As planned earlier, we first visited GOLDEN TEMPLE OF BUDDHA which is near Kushal nagar. We were at golden temple around 1.30 PM. I wasn’t much aware of this temple and enquired about it from friends and driver. I felt very peaceful when we entered into the temple. There was some kind of calmness around the temple which brings solace to you. There were monks praying, reading books inside the main temple where no visitors were allowed to enter. Then we went to other temple which was beside to it. On entering, we saw 3 huge statues in which one of the statue was of Buddha. The sculpture painting in the temple were so acute and colorfull. There was so much of art and wall painting in and around the temple which amazes the people. We sat there for few mins then came out of the temple and took some pictures. As we came out of the temple, there was a small market where in different kinds of clothing accessories, sweaters, jackets etc. were available. Laxmi, Neha and Samina purchased few items from the market and we started our journey to next place which was KAVERI NISARGADHAMA.

Main Temple
3 Statues inside Golden Temple

      It was a 20min drive from golden temple to nisargadhama. We reached kaveri nisargadhama around 2.30 PM. The entry of kaveri nisargadhama had a hanging bridge followed by small jungle where in they had deers, Elepants, rabbits etc. As we started to walk inside, we saw many rest houses made of wood which were around 40feet above ground. People were climbing it with the help of ladder which was attached to it. We found one of the rest house to be empty and started to climb on it. We were thrilled and gals were scared about the wood house getting wrecked or getting broken. Once upon the wood house, we sat their for around 20mins chiling out and took pictures. Then we went further inside and saw deers. They were so beautiful and frightened when they saw us. We were told about elephant rides but were disappointed by not seeing it. We then came out of the nisargadhama and started our journey back to madikeri. DUBARE FOREST CAMP was the next place in our list which is to be visited. Dubare forest camp is famous for the elephant riding, elephant bathing, river rafting etc. We were at Dubare Elephant camp at 5.00 PM. We thought to see elephants, ride on them but it was not permitted. The timings for the elephant riding and bathing were in the morning around 10 AM – 1 PM. So we decided to visit it back while returing back to bengaluru.

Artistic wood piece with different faces
Rest House

      Our next place to visit was RAJA SEAT, which was in the heart of the Madikeri city. Many of my friends and others suggested me to visit raja seat in the evening as the view is awesome, so we planned accordingly. We were at Raja Seat around 6.10PM in the evening. It started drizziling when we got there. I was in love with the place and the weather was perfect. We entered raja seat and had a glimplse of the view from there. I cannot express how i was feeling when i was seeing it. The one thing which came to my mind when i saw it was ” THE WAIT WAS OVER AND IT WAS MUCH BEAUTIFUL THAN WHAT I DREAMT OF IT”. I seriously recommend people to pay a visit to Raja Seat to anyone who is visiting madikeri. It was feast for the visitors eyes, i bet on it. The weather was perfect for the time. Slighlty dirzziling, chilly, clouds all over the sky, greenary all over, zig-zag roads in betwwen the hilly areas and beautiful scenery. I just felt like to stay there forever. But we had to leave as we needed to look out for home stay. We found one broker who saw a home for us and we checked in there. We then came out for diner at ATITHI RESTAURANT. We chit chatted for sometime and ordered food. I wanted to go for walk at night in the drizzle. I always kind off had this interest of walking while it drizzling. We had our diner and headed out to our room to sleep. But the night was not yet over, we didn’t want to sleep so fast so started to play Dumsharaz. Pradeep was not interested in it so he went to sleep. Neha and Laxmi were on one side, samina & Me were on the other. It was such a fun playing that game where laxmi didnt know much hindi flims and took advantage of it :). After an hour or so, we thought its time to sleep but i was in no mood to sleep. Everyone slept but i was awake as i wanted to explore more of the city and thrill myself but couldn’t.

A view from Raja Seat
A view from Raja Seat
At dawn in madikeri

       I simply layed on bed and waited for the morning in order to have a see the sunrise at madikeri. I got up around 4 AM in the morning and had bath. Then went on the roof to view the scenery and as expected, it was beautiful. I was staring at the sunrise and also listening to the sounds of birds as there was not much noise. Then i woke Pradeep, Neha, Laxmi and Samina to get ready as we need to leave early. We already planned to visit Talacavery, Abbi falls and Dubare elephant camp. We started around 6 AM from madikeri to TALAKAVERI. The road to talacavery was completely ghat section. There were few spots on the way which were so beautiful that would keep you mind refreshed and guessing. It was around 8 in the morning when we reached Talacavery. Talacavery is the place that is generally considered to be the source of the river Kaveri. The view from the entrance of the temple was eye-watching. We went into the temple and prayed for sometime and went to betta (i.e. cliff). We started climbing and saw the vicinity filled completely filled with color green. When we were at top of the cliff, we couldn’t see anything else other than fog. It was all around the place. The place was very cool and everyone was shivering with cold. Ah! it was such a awesome experience to our eyes. The fog cleared for merely half a minute and we could see the forest around. I saw lone house/cottage in the middle of the forest. We stayed there sometime and started moving as planned to visit ABBI FALLS. Once we exited from talacavery, we found a small shop where he was preparing Mirchi and onion pakoda. It was perfect time to have them. It started drizzling again and we were having garam garam mirchi and pakoda. While going to madikeri from talacavery, there is a place “VIEWPOINT MSL 3700” which is simply superb to see. I made the taxi stop and took pictures of the beautiful scenery and enjoyed it for few mintues. Then headed back to Abbi falls.

A view from Talacauvery entrance
A view of temple from the cliff
A small cottage in the midst of forest
View from VIEWPOINT MSL 3700

       We were at ABBI FALLS at 11.30 in the afternoon. We spent an hour or so at abbi falls seeing the falls and people who were busy taking pictures with their families. It was small waterfall when compared to what i have seen in many other places earlier but the atmosphere was the same. We then started moving towards DUBARE ELEPHANT CAMP. We reached Dubare around 2PM in the afternoon and decided to go for river rafting. Now, this again was one of my things on the adventure list to do. We decided among our friends that we would river raft for 7KMS but the support team didn’t agree as there was not much fast flowing stream present so we had to compromise with shorter distance. River rafting for 7kms would cost you around Rs. 700/- where as the shorter distance costs you Rs.200/-. We were forced to take the shorter one but believe me it was hell lot of fun. The guide on the boat showed us the tricks and amused with his sudden tactics. I would highly recommend anyone who is visiting dubare to river raft for sure. We were drenched completely in the water so we decided to change our clothes and start our journey back.

Abbi Falls
River Rafting @ Dubare Elephant Camp

      As we were anyhow passing via Mysore, we decided to visit BRINDAVAN GARDENS. We got there by 6PM in the evening. We saw the aquarium house first and started moving towards the fountains. We later realised we haven’t got much time left so we had to leave abruplty. We didnt even see 10% of the gardens as we were getting late, so we left in the middle and started our journey back to bengaluru with no stops further. We reached bengaluru around 9.00 – 9.30 PM. And it was around 11 PM when pradeep reached his room. Everyone was so happy about the trip and enjoyed to the fullest. Personally, it was the best trip of my life till now surpassing all. It was much above my expectations. It will be one of the highlighted page of my life, for sure.

@ Aquarium House in Brindavan Gardens
A view @ Brindavan Gardens

Thanks to Pradeep, Neha, Laxmi and Samina for making the trip so excited and fun-filled 🙂 :).





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