Boring and Uninteresting – The day after a trip

         I always find it boring, uninterested, lethargic, uneventful etc. when we return from a tour or a trip or a picnic with friends or family. Whenever people hear the word ‘Trip/tour/picnic’, their is a instantaneous smile on the face. Same is my case too. I love to travel and explore new places with friends and enjoy to the fullest.

       The tend to enjoy the trip (most of them) even if it is for one day. But the problem is, when the trip comes to an end i personally feel dejected. I always feel myself in boring, uninterested state whenever i return from a trip where our mind/heart is still in the dreamy lands of the trips, thinking about it and assuming many other things about the trip.  I have been observing this behavior in me from many years but didn’t get any solution to it. I guess, being this way is whats the best to me. I know it somewhere weakens me but as human’s tend to have weaker points, its one of the weak point for me.

         Certain people might agree with me regarding the feelings which i experience in my daily life whenever a trip is completed. For all those who have this habit, i would like to say is its good that we tend to be in that state of mind but over a period of time, we need to inculcate the habit of overcoming it and enjoying it more.





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