‘Babumushai’, no more

         Rajesh Khana aka kaka is no more. Bollywood’s first superstar rested in peace after battling illness from few months. There was hysteria all around in 80’s when he was at peak of his career. I still remember, elder people talking about him, his acting and his style. Gals or women went crazy for him and even married his photo.

         I heard few conservation between my father and his friends discussing how mad people had become to see him, to know about him, how he lives etc. The charisma which he portrayed in reel life gave him larger than life in real life. It was like, whatever he touched in the era was turned to gold. There are many songs which are famous then and even now, one of them is “Mere sapno ki rani kab aayigi tu”. People of today’s generation still hummm that song and is remembered. This shows the impact kaka had in the hindi film industry.

        I have seen few of his movies and didn’t know about him much at first. As i grew, i got to know the impact he made in hindi film industry. There was one article in one of the newspaper which said something like this “Once a BBC interviewer had interviewed him and said he(kaka)  had mixture of Valentino and Napoleon”. This sums up what an great actor he was to hindi film industry.

May his soul rest in peace.


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