The lazy days – Saturday’s & Sunday’s

       One of my bad and good habit is being “lazy”. I consider myself in the category of lazy people and proud to be. Whenever i find time, i just laze around and do nothing. I personally consider Saturday and Sunday as  ‘lazy days’.  I consider them lazy because they come at the end of the weekend and not at first 🙂 :).

      Every Saturday and Sunday are the same for me, only the date changes. I restrict myself from doing limited things on these days such as sleeping, siting, watching movies, walking in the park (very rarely),  sometimes just being idle and thinking about myself. These two days are ideally my favorite days of the week. These are the days where in i get time to think about myself and try improving my behavior or character towards life. Most of the times, the routine remains the same and very often it changes.

Cheers to Saturday’s and Sunday’s!! 🙂





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