Meeting Teachers after an year

        Neha who i consider as my didu, friend and mentor in many ways. She was in kerala attending some international conference with her colleagues. Colleagues were none other than the teachers who taught us in M.Tech. Vijaylakshmi M ma’m (who were my guide in, Jayalakshmi ma’m and Survarna ma’m were also attending the conference with neha. I was thinking how time has changed. Once upon a time, he/she was a student and now he/she has became teacher in the same college and are siting with our old lecturers. Coming back to what i was saying, neha called me two days prior from kerala and said she isn’t feeling well because of food. And later informed me that, they will be going to hubli via Bengaluru. They would come to Bengaluru on Monday and leave for hubli the same day at night. I promised to pay a visit to her and my lecturers for sure.

       I called up neha next day in the afternoon asking about the plans and she informed me to come to railway station directly. I reached railway station around 8.45PM and neha was standing outisde waiting for me. I met her and met Jaylakshmi and Suvarna ma’m. They were very happy to see and same was from my side. We chit chatted for few mins and train started to move. They were very happy that one of their students came to visit them. It really feels special when you meet your lecturers after long time.





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