There is a ritual at our office where in every once an year we conduct “POTLUCK” event. It is something which is been followed from few years few years. I wasn’t aware of such event untill it was announced. After enquiring with senior staff in the office, me and many of my friends got to know what exactly was the event. The event was basically cooking food in office or bringing it from home and selling it to office staff. The amount collected by selling the food items prepared would be given to charity. Its was fun and also had a cause in it. All the people were informed that, the event would be among various teams and whatever amount is collect by the teams would be summed up and the exact amount would be contributed by company and given to a charity. Every team had a specific date to prepare food items and bring it to the office and sell it. The date would be announced soon.

       Few days later, we got a mail from our HR Shanthi informing us in which team we are in and date of the eventfor teams. Event was among six teams and i was in TEAM 1 aka WINNING TEAM :). We had 60 people in our team and was scheduled on 23rd July 2012 . I personally wanted to participate in this event and give the best as there was a cause behind it. We needed a team leader for the team and Appu nominated me for it. At first, i was not in favour of it but agreed to it later. We decided to meet and discuss what we can prepare for the event. But many people didn’t turn up for the meeting. I was bit dejected at first but it was just 1st meeting and people tend to ignore it. We planned for another meeting soon and again only few of them were present. It was Appu, Me, Abhishek and Anuj available and we decided few items among ourselves such as Aloo paratha, Samosa Chole, Fruit salad, Mirchi, Bonda etc. Later Anju (one of our team member) informed us of her bringing cake and kheer. Slowly, everthing was falling into place and people were responding to it. We later decided to postpone the event from 23rd July to 25th July 2012 so that team would get more time to prepare.

       We were only 6-8 people who were actively participating in the event and didn’t have proper response from all the other team members. So, Abhishek decided to check out the names of the people and pull few of them to participate. And he did convince (or i should say pulled few of them) to participate in the event. We had a group of 15 people now, so we called a final meeting to finalise the food items to be prepared, what are the things required for it, who will be bringing which items etc. Once the meeting got completed, we decided to prepare Aloo paratha, samosa chat, fruit salad with jelly/custard/ice cream, mirchi, onion pakoda, wada, two varities of cake, tilli ladoo, kheer, khakhara and lassi. Every person had a task/job to be done. We were ready for the event and everybody was charged for it.

      It was 25th July 2012, Shanthi (HR) made sure everyone knows about the event and sends out a mail to staff. We were ready for the show. We were told to use the cafeteria space for the event. We dedcided to meet around 2.30PM in the afternoon in order to setup, prepare dishes and arrange all the items prior. Everyone was busy in preparing or helping others. Appu was choppping the vegetables with Azhar helping her, Benita was busy preparing batter for mirchi and pakoda, anju and aditi were helping her. Abhishek, Anuj and me were preparing aloo paratha, Anjini and Abhimanyu were preparing lassi, Amit and Ashwini were cutting the fruits, Akshay was getting ready to sell his khakhara’s and Bapi and anuj were not doing anything :). We placed each item for display for the viewers to have a taste of it before they buy. Event started around 3.30PM. We had priced the food items on the higher side in order to contribute more to charity.

My Team

         I was with abhishek preparing paratha’s, the first order we got was for the mirchi. Slowly, orders increased and people started taking items but no one had taken paratha. We waited for nearly half an hour for an order. Abhishek used to call people personally and tell them to buy it. We also gave many combo offers to attract more people so that they would more items. It was such a fun seeing that. I and few of my team mates used to have a bite of each item when nobody was watching us. Many people liked almost all the items and appreciated for the good work. Slowly, the crowd was disappearing as time progressed and around 6 in the evening we stopped and most of the items were sold out. Then we all the team members gathered around to taste few items. MIRCHI and ONION PAKODA were flavor of the day. We were very satisfied with all our efforts that we had put in. We collected handsome amount of money for the charity. All in all, it was such a great exprience and fun-filled event. Loved it!


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