A ‘MOVIE’ everyday

      I inculcated an habit of watching a movie everyday from my engineering life. I had a routine of  watching a movie around 11.30 PM – 12 AM at night so that the movie finishes by 2 AM. I would keep another movie to download and sleep. People might wonder why i start seeing movie so late, the reason is BSNL plan :). We had the Homeplan 550 which had a clause where in a user can download unlimited amount of data from 2AM to 7AM in the morning everyday. I continued this habit for the entire 4 years of my engineering life. By doing so, i became an movie bee and always checking sites for latest movies and one which were highest rated. IMDB is also one of the reason behind this habit which would suggest me about the movies. As i was watching movies, the collection of movies were growing up. I started watching different kinds of genre’s such as horror, thriller, psycho, action, comedy etc. I mostly used to see thriller and psycho genre’s movies.

         The habit continued even when i was pursued my M.tech at hubli. I now started seeing all kinds of movies and special liking to animation movies grew. I use to download the blue ray copies, full hd movies. As my jiju used to watch  movies alot so it became easy for me to collect HD and blue-ray movies.  I got placed in Software AG and continued my habit for sometime. I also started seeing TV series of English channels like Prison Break, Big Bang theory etc. ,but  later didn’t find enough time for it but still managed to watch few movies a week. But recently, i have started my habit again and watching atleast one movie a day.  And if it is Saturday and Sunday’s then the count would be more. There are many movies which are in  my all-time favorites list, would let you know about them later.

Looking forward to maintain the habit punctually and cover loads of movies in future.


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