Dreams that get faded as day goes by…

       This strange thing happens to me very often where in i get dreams which i remember when i wake up in the morning but as the day goes by, i tend to forget those dreams and remember only a glimpse of it. There were many occasions where i thought to pen down those dreams once i wake up but somehow it doesn’t happen.  I try putting those bits and pieces of dreams which i remember, it doesn’t fit together. I always find this mystery unsolved as why this happens and what is the reason behind it.

        Is it the mind which places major role in diverting or is this how life is? I still am trying to find it out what’s the logic behind it.





3 thoughts on “Dreams that get faded as day goes by…

      1. Its in my cover photo’s manogyna and thanks for liking it. It took so much time to decide the title for the blog and eventually, i got it :).

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