For u…

My first ever stanza’s for the person whom i love d most:

Everytime my phone beeped, I thot its ur mess
Everytime my phone rang, I thot its ur call
Every song I heard, made me rem u
Every couple I saw, made me rem our moments

Every smiling face I saw, made me rem ur cute smile
Everytime someone shouts loud, made me rem ur voice n its sweetness
Everytime I fell sick, made me rem ur nose which used to grow big in anger
Everytime wen I was sad, made me rem how sad u would b giving me company

Everytime someone calls me “avi/avu”, made me rem how innocent u would cal me
Everytime someone called DUDE, made me rem how silly n cute u would call me
Everytime someone talks irrelevant things, made me rem how u wouldย  cal me n bug me
Everytime I see ppl drinking tea, made me rem how u used to get irritated if u didnt drink one

I miss those things. I miss them badly…but I miss u more than that.

– Love. Avin