Atlast we went for a trip! – Day 1

                   Its been more than an year that many of my friends at SOFTWARE AG were planning for a trip and it was delayed or cancelled due to one or other reason. Everytime someone raises the topic of trip, me n my friends used to laugh at it thinking it would get cancelled any way. But as times went by we were more inclined n serious towards going to a trip which looked far fetched dream to some one them. But one fine day, while having lunch at office the topic rose up again n my friends acknowledged each other for the trip rather than laughing at it (as they did earlier). It was decided then and there that we would go for the trip even if only couple of them turn up.

         We started discussing where can we head for and people started pouring with their own places to visit. Then we picked up the places which were feasible for us to plan for a w day trip. Once the places were picked, we put forth the same to all our group. And almost of them choose CHIKKAMANGALURU as there were many other beautiful n scenic places nearby it. We started sharing the responsibilities among ourselves. It was decided tat Akshay would take care of budget n collecting money from our friends so that he would track down everything we spend in the tour. He also informed our friends that he would bring khakra’s and other delicious stuff. I (avin) took up the task of arranging the vehicle which was a Tempo Traveller and also food items which can be used in the course of the journey.

     Everyone were waiting eagerly for the day i.e. Friday 26th September 2013 which was the day planned to leave for the trip. Anuj decided to come to the trip at the last hour and we were very happy to take him aboard. I was the last one to get on the traveller and the fun began. We had dinner at a dhaba and reached chikmangalur early morning around 3 AM. Some of them rested for a while and few of them watched TV. It was around 8 AM when we started from our lodge to our first place KEMANNAGUNDI. We had a small break in the way to have tiffin and take pictures.

En route to kemmanagundi hill

           Finally we reached a garden on top of kemmanagundi Hill where we rested for a while and started for HEBBE FALLS. It was just after 15-20 mins, we got a shock saying the route to hebbe falls is closed due to a recent Supreme Court order banning tourism in tiger reserves. It was a huge setback for all of us who were excited about visiting hebbe falls. But as they say “Nothing can stop determined people”, we were determined to visit the falls come what may. So there comes a person who says he can take us to the falls via private coffee estates but will be charged heavily. Few of them were reluctant at first but then agreed. We had to park our vehicle along road side and walk for around 2 KM because there was road construction in progress.  It was one hell of a ride with loads of bumps and jumps. It was more like a dirt race except we were in commader jeep. Vehicles were stopped nearly 2km away and we had to walk to reach the falls. Then, the moment arrived when we finally saw the water falling from very high and believe me its was BREATH TAKING view.

        The pain and efforts put by my friends  (travelling,  walking, jumping and sometimes scolding me 🙂 ) were payed well. When we went closer and felt the water, it was damn cold.  Many of my friends starting jumping into water and few restricted themselves. It was getting dusk when we started to leave hebbe falls. We stopped at one of the smaller falls and had our food which we packed on our way to falls. When we reached our vehicles it was complete dark. Now there was still 2 KM to be walked in complete dark with a tyre (which was punctured earlier)  in our hand to reach our vehicle. We watched the sky which was shinning with numerous stars. Finally, we reached our vehicle and decided that we would stay in a cottage kind of house which was on top of kemmangundi hill. We were given two rooms to stay and decided we would get up early and start our journey to MULLAYANGIRI.  Pradeep, Akshay, Chandra, Biswa and Me were in one room and Bapi, Harsha, Prshanth, Shakun, Anuj and Pralay were given the other room. There was no electricity and complete darkness except our cell phone torch and in the process of reaching our room, i twisted my ankle badly.

To be continued…


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