Atlast we went for a trip! – Day 2

    Day 2 started badly for me. When i woke up from sleep, i saw one of my legs swollen and i wasn’t even able to stand. My friends helped me with spray which gave a bit of relief. Just then one of the funniest and memorable moment happened in our room. The situation involved Chandra and Biswa. Even now, if we (Me, Pradeep, Akshay, Chandra and Biswa) remember it we laugh till our core. Just then, Harsha came into our room and informed that he hasn’t slept whole night. when asked why he didn’t sleep? he answered Shakun didn’t let him sleep. When he tried sleeping, Shakun started snoring which left many people awake 😉 . After a while, all of them were ready for the next destination. We took few pictures around the cottage and left the place. We decided to visit BABA BUDANGIRI as it falls in the way to Mullayangiri. Baba Budangiri  is a pilgrimage site for both Hindus and Muslims. The road to Baba Budangiri and Mullayangiri are narrow, steep and bad in condition.

       After visiting Baba Budangiri, we decided to have our breakfast here instead of having it in Mullayyangiri. This is when Prashanth started having motions due to reasons which cannot be disclosed 😉 . One of the scariest moment of the trip for everyone (including the driver) was when Biswa shouts “STOP STOP! I CANT SEE THE ROAD”. It scared the hell out of all my friends and also the driver which made him push the brakes much harder.  Biswa was sleeping at the last corner seat of the Tempo Traveller and when he got up and look out of window, he saw no ground below him which brought his heart in his mouth and made him shout that loud. We reached MULLAYANGIRI around 11.30 PM and sun was heading its way up. Mullayangiri is considered the tallest peak in Karnataka and has a temple on its peak. Prashanth was on his on way to perform nature call and rest of the friends started climbing the hill. By the time, we reached the top it completely drained our energy but the scenic view made us energize. It was a completely different experience and the cool breeze touching your face even at afternoon time was simply amazing.

          On reaching back at the bottom, everyone was thirsty so we all had ice creams and started to get into our vehicles for our next destination. As planned, our next destination was YAGACHI SPORTS PARK which entertains people with various kinds of water sports. But when enquired about it near chikmangalur, we got to know that it was closed due to reduced water level. It was then decided to visit HALEBIDU. We had a quick lunch in one of the hotels and started our journey to Halebidu. We reached Halebidu around 2.30 PM in the afternoon. The architecture was simply jaw breaking. We were looking around the temple and found a guide explaining about the sculptures and temple details to few foreigners and we sneaked in and started listening to the information provided by the guide. Each and every sculpture has its importance and some specific meaning attached to it. It was one historical place to visit and get the feel of it. We visited all the temples and surrounding places and strolled around the garden for a while. We rested for a while near the Buddha statue in the garden before starting the journey back to Bengaluru.


         It was 6 PM when we bid adieu to Halebidu and started our journey back to Bengaluru. All my friends were tired but still we had one last stop before Bengaluru and it was for dinner. We looked out for many dhaba’s on the highway but none were good and finally got into one dhaba which was good enough to eat. Non-veg guys (Bapi, Sachin, Anuj, Shakun) started ordering their starters and veg guys (Akshay, Pradeep, Harsha, Pralay and myself) their food but there was one guy who didn’t want to eat. Guess who? Its Prashanth 😉 (rem due to motions). We insisted him to have curd rice a bit which settle him stomach. By the time starters and main course appeared, we were baffled to see one big chicken at our table and when we enquired it was called “Punjabi Chicken”. Even the non veg guys were surprised to see that quantity given. Once the diner finished, we were back on road to complete our wonderful trip. It was around 11.30 PM – 00.00 AM when all my friends reached their respective room’s or home’s.

It was one of the wonderful experiences which included funny, scariest and wildest moments which i will cherish for the rest of the life. Thank you guys for making it so special. Hope we go for many more such trips ahead :).


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