Value what we have or buy

I have always been a person who purchased many things thinking about how useful it was to me but as time passes by, i often forgot the value or importance of those things which I purchased or have it already. People used to call me rich and even think i don’t care for money as i have enough in my pocket always but that was not true. I don’t blame them because they don’t know me nor my life completely.  Things got more easy to buy  with the help of credit card which lured people (one of them being me) into buying things which they never thought of purchasing or buying.  But as they say, time changes everything so did my attitude. We as humans never understand the value of a thing/person/moment until we have a first hand experience ourselves. And I had one such kind of experience which changed my perspective for all the things in life. I wouldn’t like to divulge into the incident in the present post but will surely talk about it in future posts.

For now, I purchase things only when I feel desperate about it (except books which i m passionate about). By doing so, I value what I buy and also keep a check on my expenses :-).


2 thoughts on “Value what we have or buy

  1. It is not just the value of the material things, however we should be thankful to have somehthing which many people dont have.

    In life we come across many individuals, some leave a mark in our lives, it is the people in our lives that we should cherish. If we loose some material thing we can buy it (rather a new one) for a price. But it is on us how we safeguard the love and trust of the people in our life, people that we love, we are happy when spend some time with them.
    We may sometimes not realize the value of them when they are with us, it is the time when we loose them that we realize what we have lost, and that we should never let happen.

    1. Very true amit. People should be valued and not money but lately the vice versa is cared more. I have personally experienced one such moments.. We should always b thankful n cherish those moments which we will be sharing with others in future.

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