WANDERING is my second passion (First being photography if u didn’t knew). There are many names given to people like us such as traveler, explorer, voyager, adventurer, gypsy, nomad, wanderer etc. But for me,  I love to call it WANDERER rather than TRAVELER because it’s something amuses me and I have my reasons behind to say that. For instance, wanderer doesn’t know where he is  headed to, just follow the path and goes with almost no stuff with us such as clothes, money,things which keep him entertained etc. I call it as ‘life-on-the-go’ where as traveler knows where we are heading to with many other things which will keep him interested.


          Like many people, I love to wander to new places and explore them. I have been to many places (in India) and have found some amazing information which I never knew. I like to meet new people n understand how their culture n living is. It fascinates me how diverse people are in each place with diversification in their cultures. I have seen many wanderers in my life exploring new places and enjoying life to the fullest. It’s looks easy pay job for many people but it’s seriously not.

      They say “Life of a wanderer is never being at home” and i agree to it completely. There’s always been my dream to travel around the world without doing any job 🙂 but for that you should be rich enough.  I know there are few people who disagree to my point made above but hey that’s my perspective. Lastly to everyone, don’t worry much about future and just enjoy the path life takes you on because your a wanderer in your own life.

Keep wandering!!