Flipkart’s “Big Billion Day”

Let me start by saying that you have turned every stone upside down to make sure “The Big Billion Day” is huge success but it turned down it to be one of the worst catastrophe. The saying ‘It takes years and years of efforts to build someone’s trust, but it takes just split-seconds to break that very trust’ fits promptly in this case. Kudos to you guys, you guys played the cards very well. Just in case, if you haven’t realized yet, you have lost trust of millions of your customers and admirers like me who have been following you guys from time you guys were just a ‘buy books’ site.

It might have started by chance with the introduction of MOTO phones where only you were exclusive dealers of it due to which your website crashed. You played the same gimmick again and again. And the latest buzz, ‘Xiaomi phones getting sold out within seconds or at most minutes’. Come on now guys, give us some break. The Xiaomi mobile getting sold out within seconds/minutes was purely a marketing strategy.

Coming to the “The Big Billion Day” campaign, it was nothing just a poorly planned and over the limit greed which backfired in a big way. A big thanks to “Compare Hatke” add-on in chrome which helped in not making a fool of myself.  We are no more easy sheep’s to get fooled by ‘increase the price and then give heavy discounts’ scam. One other thing I wanted to mention is the value of money which we (Indians) know. We very well keep track of which product is being sold at which rate in market or in any e-commerce site we are aware of.  We Indians are no longer fall to such traps

Most of my friends were excited about the campaign and waited for the campaign just to buy what they need and surprisingly all my friends complained the same thing that the stocks were “Out of stock”. One simple question to Bansal duo’s, Sir if you knew that the campaign was on such large scale then wouldn’t be necessary to check whether the stocks are in place or it was just planned to keep as minimal stocks as possible?!

With respect to “cancellation of order”, I have no words to explain it. I heard from couple of friends that they got lucky and have ordered pen drives, electronic goods, steal deals etc.  But their happiness were short lived. At night, they received mails from Flipkart saying “Sorry for the inconvenience caused, we cannot process your order as their was some issue with price correction”. One of my friend’s friend ordered MOTO E which was being sold at Rs. 1500. Seeing the offer, he ordered 3 quantities of MOTO E out of which only 2 were successful and respective successful order details were also sent to the mail but his over the moon joy was shattered when he received similar mail from Flipkart about the wrong price for the product. And they sent a gift voucher of mere Rs. 500 to keep the customer happy ( or I should say to gain sympathy) which he fell for.

We even know (atleast I got to know from one of my office colleagues) that a site named “Junglee” has transformed itself into ‘Google’ of the e-commerce sites in India, where you put a product name and it will list all the sites offering that product with prices simultaneously. We are much more aware of the products and its prices than we were earlier, so please stop fooling us by such campaign.

This blog may be seen as a hate-letter, but this blog is being written out as a customer who use to visit you site every day to check for offers and buy them even if I didn’t have money in my pocket. After the gimmick you played, I have stopped visiting the site and check other e-commerce sites which provide better deals at affordable prices (thanks to compare hatke which shows which site offers best prices).