Gazing out of the window

       I often wondered about the mysterious world out there whose stories I have been hearing from my childhood. All those stories made jitters in my mind and whenever used to travel with my parents, i used to get glued to the windows. I often stared out of the window trying to look anything which can embark me but ended up sleeping sooner . As I grew, the dream also grew bigger and bigger with me. Many other things such as flims, novels and not to forget Google 🙂 has kept that hope alive in me.  It’s been years now and I still continue doing it and animate myself in my stupid mind. Whenever & Wherever I go, i always book the window seats (be it a car, bus, train etc.) so that I can continue my dream of searching the mysterious world.

Even as I write this blog, I’m gazing out of the bus window and in pursuit of that world or atleast a sign of its existence. Hope I can see a glimpse of that world in near future.