Love Story – Part I

Everyone has a story to tell about something important which happened in his/her life to others. This is the story of the person whom I have known very closely and as you might have already got a feel of what’s the story about from the name of the post. I know people have heard so many love stories yet each and every one is different and has its own flavour to it. I’m sure that the story I will be narrating is different from others with full of emotions, moments, occasions, incidents etc. which might amuse few people, few might feel like same old story repeated in different angle and some others feel love story with masala marke etc. But hey, it’s a story – original, uncut & uncensored. I have kept it plain & simple and covered only the main aspects of his love life. From now on, the story is narrated from his point of view.

I still remember the day when I first saw her. It’s imprinted in my life like shadow attached to the body. I remember each and every moment of that day like it has happened yesterday. Let me describe how I was back then (even now but improved a bit on style, how to carry myself, ) I’m not so handsome looking nor well built guy to attract people rather being to myself in my own world. One fine day, one of our uncle called my dad and informed about the function at their home. My dad asked about the occasion and agreed to come with family which included dad, mom, two elder sisters and me.

As agreed upon, we visited our uncle’s home around afternoon. My uncle had one daughter and two sons whom I was bit close. After the pooja was completed, we served food to guests for a while. And it was around 4.30 PM when we (uncle’s son’s, me and couple of other friends) sat for the lunch. My uncle’s elder son was sitting beside me, when he brought the topic about her. He pointed towards her and showed me that this is the gal he was referring to. I ignored at first but when he said more about her, I saw her for the first time in my life for a glimpse. She just entered the room carrying food items to serve food for all of us. I was bit shy to look at her but after gathering courage, looked her nicely for few seconds which made me feel like I was watching her for more than a minute. It was that this moment when I my heart and mind first thought about her in sync (which rarely happens :-)). The other thought which ran into my mind is how will a gal like not so handsome, un cool guy like me. I used to look at her whenever she is not seeing me for that whole evening. That night, the same thought came back to me again and my mind made it clear that she won’t fall or even talk with guy like me. I ignored those thoughts and went to sleep. But those days were short lived and I was remembering her frequent enough which was making me nervous and agitated with a tinge of happiness. I was now not getting sleep properly nor had any mood to work or see any movie. Just one thought was running in my mind and it was how to talk with her and make friendship with her.

As my dad had many friends, We use to go to functions regularly. And The sole reason for me to attend those functions was just to see her. There has been many times when I was very happy and times disappointed if she didn’t attend the function. I used to keep my fingers crossed until the last moment of the function hoping she would arrive late. My mind used to come up with reasons like she might have stuck in traffic or waiting for his dad to pick up from home or coming in auto with her relatives. One thing is sure guys, mind is such a thing which will keep your hopes alive if it senses your heart is getting dull. I used to pray God about her and asked him to make us meet and develop friendship or that connect between us. This went on for months and still there was no progress to it.

And like magic, it happened one fine day when there was a function at my aunt’s place. Me, My sisters, my cousin’s and other friends were sitting together and chit chatting when one of our friends brought her to the group. The reason to bring her there was to make us talk together at least for a minute or two and she was unaware of what’s going behind the scenes. It was like a open secret to all where I had fallen for her in the first meet (In simple words, LOVE at first sight). The other strange thing about love is, people around you will know that you love her/him but the person whom you love doesn’t know about it. She rarely looked at me but she got vibes from others that they are up to something when everyone was pulling my leg or indirectly pointing to me for any discussion we had so that she notices me. The process was initiated and I was over joyed with all the happenings.

Gradually things started to move for me. We started to exchange smiles or just a hi or bye whenever we met. The response from her was positive and smiles were genuine. I was happy but not completely because we are not friends yet. My prayers were answered but at very slow pace. The Hi’s and bye’s were converted into how are you?how is your life? Etc. In the span of 1-2 years, we were comfortable with each other meaning we use to talk nicely with each other when an opportunity presented or even in groups. We both were watchful when we talk because people might think something fishy is going on between two of us. But saying that, sometimes I used to get lucky and we use to go for diner with our friends at functions and chit chat without bothering about others. Life started to look beautiful and cheerful with all the things asked for, were beginning to happen.

[To be continued…]


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