Love Story – Part II

It’s time to describe about the female protagonist of the story. This paragraph is about her nature, her initial reactions about me and friendship between us. She is fair in complexion, thin, has average height but of all a wonderful heart. She was brought up in a very conservative family with so many rules and restrictions, thus have fear for smallest of things. She is not a gal who would mingle soon with anyone but takes so much time to think and convince herself. The one thing that stands out is her wonderful nature. I saw myself in her (introvert, conservative, family bounded etc.) which pulled me towards her like magnet. As said in earlier post, we were hesitated to talk at first then we gradually had small talks whenever we met. She got to know from others that I have fallen for her which created tension in her mind. She treated me as a friend, not even a friend completely to be frank enough. After hearing that, she ignored me at first and when friend’s bullied her by taking my name she got irritated. She use to hate me and used to get angry & irritated whenever someone takes my name (which is was not aware).

I was happily living in my dream world where we were good friends. But luckily that perception of hers faded away and after talking to me at few more functions where we met and hearing from others that I’m good person she started treating me as her friend. Those days, there was so much difficulty to communicate because mobile phone were not the trend yet as they were too costly. Only people who can afford, use to purchase mobiles and my dad had a NOKIA phone (it was more like cordless phone-very heavy and thick). So, depending upon the time spent whenever we met, decided the fate of our friendship. Whenever we used to talk, my cousin’s & other friends used to observe and pull either of us legs which gave hints to her that I’m interested in her.

Eventually, she got to know about my love when she was eight (and I was tenth-2003) and how serious I was about her. The seed of love  ( or say like) started growing in her which brought us closer but neither of us showed that to each other. Everyone knew that we liked each other now but we didn’t showcase it. This went on for a while until an incident happened which acted as a first actual step in our journey towards LOVE.

After completing the schooling, I joined college to pursue further studies i.e. 12th standard. It was on 12 June 2004, when I got one of the biggest surprise of my life, any guesses? It was a phone call. Dad’s phone rang and when checked, it was uncle (his friend) who was calling. When I received the call, there was a male voice saying to someone to talk (exact words were “baat kar” in hindi) and I was under impression that call might have got connected mistakenly or someone dialled in the number and handing over the phone to uncle but what followed made me dumbstruck. I never expected in my wildest of dreams about such thing happening to me. There was a cute voice saying “hi” which had tremble and also fear in it.  I did never talked with her on phone but when I heard her voice saying “hi”, it flashed me like light that it was none other than her. Holy cow! I didn’t believe my luck and was not able to respond when she said hi. It took couple of seconds to come back and ushered hi back to her which had lots of excitement and tinge of fear in it. This was our first call but I was sure this won’t be the last one.

 This went for couple of years and love was happening to us like a slow poison. Even though we didn’t meet like regular couples do but still every time we met we resumed from where we left from the previous meet. We always went to the functions where we hoped that we would meet, we took the slimmest changes and sometimes a strong hunch told us that we would meet in that function. And surprisingly, we did meet at some strange functions or off occasions such as funeral, infant’s function etc. Most of them were attending a function/event for a reason every time but we always had one and same reason which was to see or atleast talk few words with each others.  Now, it was clearly visible in the words we speak and the way we cared about each others. I was now sure that she started loving me but yet acted as dumb (Girls like it that way).

[To be continued…]


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