My idea of Valentine’s

           To be in LOVE or being loved is perhaps one of the most magical feelings in the world. For love is capable of filling your life with such colours that were previously thought to be unimaginable. And this day makes it even more special to all those people who are in love. My idea for the valentine’s day is nothing special or out of the blue but to keep it simple. I’m kind of a guy who want to express my love to her but my upbringing and nature restricts me not to do. As a matter of fact for today, I just dropped a message to her which said “Happy Valentine’s Day..” and nothing else. I tried reaching her but my luck wasn’t on my side and ended up sending only a message. I wanted to do so many things for her but my lack of expressing and inability to showcase my love is my biggest drawback. But she understands the love I have for her in my heart which is important in any relationship. I have seen guys/gals trying to do something unique for their valentine and make it so special which will be remembered forever. Getting inked, celebrating at some party, expensive gifts, romantic dinner, love cards etc. are the common things with this generation. But what people forgot the most is the WORDS which will make her realise the LOVE you have for her in you. I’m not saying that people who do above things are faking it or showing it off but it would really pay off if you write a letter with your own words or even a simple poem/stanza dedicated to her.


Words have incredible power in our lives. For one, they provide us with a vehicle for expressing and sharing our experiences with others especially your valentine and days like this make it even more important. Most of us don’t realize, however, that the words you habitually choose also affect what you experience. Words that you speak and write, can easily make or break your companionship. We live and breathe words. This is why, writing a sweet love letter to your valentine can never be old-fashioned and I’m sure it will reach your valentine’s heart. Let your valentine feel trapped by the magic of your words.

I did write poems for my valentine (For U) and sing songs for her which made her go weak on her knees and cry. I still remember the moments when I first sung the song ‘I’m in Love’ from the movie ‘Once upon a time in Mumbai’ on the phone (with my horrible tone), she didn’t speak the whole time until the call finished. I was bit perplexed with her reaction of a simple and sober “Its good”. Back of my mind, I felt bit disappointed for the cold response I received from her which I wasn’t expecting and felt I didn’t do what it takes. But once the call ended, I got a message which said “Thanks for the lovely song, it really showed the love and care for me in your voice. Love u”, by seeing that message my heart was content and there was some satisfaction about it.  It’s such messages and reactions which make your day and moments; they will be cherished and never forgotten. That day I realised that sometimes voices doesn’t need to speak, its your words that matters.

Happy VALENTINE’S to all :-)!!


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