I’m sure your mind started to stroll just by seeing the name of the post. Isn’t it strange that our mind springs to the topic which we use or hear and it deduces so many questions/assumptions/theories or call whatever you like it, of its own within one thousandth of the second. Whenever you see or hear the word ‘LUCK’, your mind races to many things which you have experienced and raises questions which are hypothetical and debatable ones. Like many of you, whenever I hear the word ‘luck’, following are the questions which my mind brings up from the memory palace (that’s what I like to call where all the information is stored) within a fraction of seconds. what is luck? Is there really such a thing as luck?And why do some people consider themselves as lucky while others feel unlucky? Do some people have more of it than others (just as some people are better at pool than others)?

      Have you ever felt lucky? Most of us do, from time to time. You have probably felt unlucky too. Having said that, being “lucky” or “unlucky” is also a question of perspective, someone having experienced a serious car accident can see the situation as “unlucky” after breaking an arm, completely destroying his/her brand new car they bought with a loan the week before. On the other hand, this same person could say, “I’m very lucky to be here.”

Everyone wants luck, but not everyone believes in it. Luck enables us to accomplish in a very short time what we thought would take ages. Couple of scenario’s which I remember are: When I’m eager to speak with a person to share an important bit of news and by luck the person calls me or arrives physically just at that moment, A seemingly chance encounter opens up a new career opportunity, creates a monetary windfall, or brings us into contact with a very special person. Life is full of such inexplicable coincidences or are they mere coincidences? All of us welcome them when they happen and many secretly pray for more of them to occur :-), but still many of us doubt whether luck really exists.

Each of us tries to understand and explain the reasons for our accomplishments in terms of our talents, capacities, knowledge, skill, resourcefulness, contacts, hard work, and karma. Where these fail to achieve the result, we often attribute it to bad luck. When something happens unexpectedly, we sometimes attribute it to good luck. A chance meeting with an old acquaintance or total stranger, an interesting article in the newspaper, a precious information overheard, a cancelled flight, misplaced article, bad weather that alters our plans, and countless other events appear to happen by themselves for no apparent reason to some. If they result in a favourable outcome, we say we were lucky. If they lead to failure, we speak of bad luck.

Very recently, I was browsing through the internet and happened to find a video which intrigued me and made me think otherwise on the perception I had on luck. Harsha Bhogle, one of the popular cricket commentator around the world is among one of the favourites whom I admire and his take on any aspect of life is refreshing and unqiue. He tries to bring the same in everything he does such as while commentating, while taking sports interviews etc.. He was at an alumni of Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad and went back there to give a speech on How to Achieve Excellence. I would suggest you all to check out the video where he covers many aspects of excellence, talent, attitude, work ethics, passion, luck etc. One of the topic he brought up was LUCK. This is what he said about luck: “Luck is a combination of preparation and recognition (of opportunities)“. The harder you practice, the luckier you get. You make things happen for yourself. One example which justifies the above statement is by taking example of players like Sachin Tendulkar, Messi, Ronaldo, Federer etc. These are the players who are best in whatever sport they are into but what differentiates them with others is the preparation and sense the opportunity whenever it is presented. Messi isn’t lucky that he scores a goal very often, its his preparation and sensing that the ball would come to him (thinking way ahead) contributes to the factor.

It was luck but there were a couple of other factors too. There was genuine human kindness, the person who called me could have as well said, no I won’t. Or why should I, but there was genuine human kindness in it. But he didn’t give me a seat, he gave me an opportunity. Finally you have to take the opportunity as it comes, luck gives you an opportunity it doesn’t give you the result. I’m not a big fan of luck, to be honest, because, eventually you have to help yourself. Sometimes you might find the opportunity coming your way, but when it comes you must be ready. And you can only be ready if you have worked hard. When a lot of people say that they are unlucky, I feel they have actually not been ready for the opportunity. Therefore, in addition to being open and interactive, being able to detect opportunities is also a competitive advantage.

GOOD LUCK to all :-P!!


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