Right or Wrogn??!!

You might be wondering that there is a spelling mistake in the blog’s title which went unnoticed, but that was intentional :-).

       The reason for writing this blog is me being a ruminative guy by nature and always delve more deep into whatever I took up, tried my hands on etc.. Having this kind of behaviour makes me think of one question which puts in dilemma every time something important comes up, that being, is this a right decision or wrong one? I can say many of you might have faced such situation numerable times in your lifetime. So I was keen on penning this thought which I have in my mind from years now. After years of learning, now is the time where I put my thoughts into writings (or I would say blogging :-)).

Right or Wrong

What is a right decision or a wrong decision? On what basis to you call a decision right or wrong? How does one know which is the actual right decision or right decision? because the result of the decision is not instantaneous but shows its symptoms slowly (like a disease). There is always a time in your life where you have to make important decisions that will make an impact in your life somewhere along the line. The right choices will lead you down the right path (sometimes don’t) but make a bad one and you end up in a soup, big time.

I’ve met people in my life who have made the right choices and some who has made bad ones (real bad ones). People who have made the wrong choice(s) at their personal front or at professional career, either way ended up suffering their whole life. They tend to put more faith in others who do not know the situation but thinks they know what is best rather than listen to the ones who truly know the situation or believing in themselves. I don’t know whether to blame them for not really thinking it through or for being too naive and believing everyone and anyone except the people who matter the most or just the situation they where in. Its hard to make your mind listen to yourselves at such situations which is indeed a challenge which has to win over.  I’m at the stage of my life (both personally and professionally) where it is time to make the next decision that will pave the road for my future. Even though I have made the decision, I suddenly find myself at a crossroad again whether to go ahead with it or lay back for some more time. This thinking leads to the question, Do I stick to what I have decided or do I rethink my decision?

Thus, making choices especially the RIGHT choices is indeed important as making choices is what will carry you on to the next chapter in your life. In every chapter of your life, there is a part where decisions have to be made and the only thing you can do is make the right decision.