Volleyball Championship – 2015

      Many months passed and no games/tournament was held in the office. People constantly kept me asking when and what is the next tournament being conducted (as I’m part of Employee-Club). Many people suggested different sports such as Football, Badminton, Volleyball, cricket and many more. After checking and taking feedback, we decided to opt for volleyball. Software AG Bangalore never organised an volleyball tournament prior to it. As the first mail was sent to all the employees, most of them were thrilled to hear about it. After checking with the Tech park people, we were informed that there is a volleyball court behind one of the buildings which we weren’t aware of. Ravi (Facilty director of Software AG) did take permission to use the court and we started using the court every day.

      At first, only handful of people joined (friends of mine) but as the days passed by, people starting coming by and showing interest in it. We used to go around 5 PM in the evening and come back at 6 – 6.30 PM. Seeing us play, many other companies joined the line. As the survey was sent to register the teams, we decided the team for us. Players included in our team were Ajoy, Sachin, Meer, Prajwal, Nabin and Me (being the captain). Everyone was good at it except me. In fact, we had a very good player in our team who played in state level (that’s what I was told). Coming to me, I would say I suck at playing volleyball, big time. I’m not such a good player of volleyball but managed it somehow.

    The date for the tournament kept postponing due to interviews/walk-ins being scheduled every weekend, HQ visitors, Project completion, Technology session etc. which resulted in people losing their interest in the tournament. So, we had a meeting and date was finalised for the tournament after taking conformation from all the 8 enrolled teams, the venue and date was decided. It was at Ekam sports academy on 4-April, 2014.  There were 8 teams running for the title out of which only 6 teams turned up on the match day (other two teams didn’t turn up due to walk-in’s). Out of 6 teams, we have 3 winners and one lucky loser who would play in semi-final. The winners of the semi’s would play for the title and become the first ever Volleyball champions of Software AG. I was pretty confident that if we played well, we could atleast make it to top 2 and we did accomplish that by some smart play (not by me). We had reach finals to play against ”. Both the teams had good players and bad players. Final round was best of 3 sets, which could give fair and equal chance of showcasing the skill and winning the title. We thought we would have tough fight for the finals but it was a straight 2 set win which made us the first ever VOLLEYBALL CHAMPIONS of Software AG.

Team @ Ekam Sports Academy
Team @ Ekam Sports Academy

     From the prize money received, we planned to go for lunch. Two months later, the plan was put into action.  After going through so many options from zomato, we clinched to “Black Pearl” @ Kormangala on 10-July, 2014.  The restaurant theme was Pirates (from Pirates of Caribbean). It was such a fun time where we wore pirate caps and posed for the pic (below). I still remember one moment, Sachin’s desire to eat rabbit which I fulfilled forcefully :).

Volleyball Team
Team @ Black Pearl, Kormangala