Déjà vu

What is Déjà vu?

Déjà vu, pronounced day-zhaa voo, is French for “already seen.” It describes the fascinating and strange experience where you feel that something is very familiar but you also know that this feeling of familiarity should not be as strong as it is. As the moment is passing by, you feel that you have experienced it before. They are unusual but cool experiences that can actually tell us a lot about how our minds, particularly our memories, work.


To put in simplest words,

“You see the scene very faintly and vague in my mind when the scene first starts, You say everything that you just said, sit in the same position in the same place, will be doing the EXACT same thing and having the same thoughts as well!”

This has happened many times in my life and every time when I encounter such Deja vu phenomena, it freaks me out. One such situation I still remember clearly: I happened to travel to a place which I have never visited (even in childhood) and when I reached, I was standing near footpath beside an old house to cross the road that is when I had this feeling that I have been here before.

How Common is Déjà vu?

As per reports, the percentage of people who experience déjà vu is probably somewhere around 5% – 40%.  Also many researchers explored that, déjà vu is common to young people than elder ones. Most people report déjà vu somewhere between every few weeks and every few months. Typically, this means that déjà vu is not very common so if you have experienced it recently you are very lucky!

Who Experiences Déjà vu the Most and What Does This Tell Us?

Young people experience déjà vu the most. By the time you reach an age between 15 and 25, you will probably be having déjà vu experiences more often than you will ever have them after that. The number of déjà vu experiences people report steadily decreases after 25 years old. This is puzzling for researchers because we are used to thinking of memory problems increasing with age, not decreasing with age! This may actually tell us something really important about déjà vu – that déjà vu is not a memory problem at all. If you think about the stage of déjà vu where you realize that your feeling of recognition should not be as strong as it is, you will probably recognize this is actually a really helpful response. It lets you know that while you may feel really strongly that something is familiar, this feeling is wrong and you should try to ignore it. Déjà vu may actually be one sign of a healthy mind that is able to spot familiarity signals that are incorrect.

What Causes Déjà vu?

This is a really important question, but it is also still a mystery. Researches and Scientists found very hard to do experiments to make people have déjà vu and we still do not know what actually causes it. They have pondered this question for quite some time now. Latest research says, it more common and frequent with people who have a condition called “temporal lobe epilepsy.” In people with temporal lobe epilepsy, seizures start in the temporal lobe which is a part of the brain just inside from the top of your ears, and it is important for making and remembering memories.

Things I have tried:

I’ve had dreams on and off my entire life of events that I ended up reliving. They didn’t just consist of images, but every single detail of an event was identical. They’ve ranged from mundane experiences (majority of the them) to dreaming of some dark places, walking on a big hanging bridge, castle upside down etc.. I accept that I may be crazy, but what choice do I have but to try and understand the phenomena? This is what I’ve learned:

1. I am also me in these “dreams”. The perspective never differs.

2. I’m unable to change the course of events when I realize i know the coming events. I’ve tried so many time and I’ve never been successful. I’ve reacted, real-time, but things still play out no matter what I try.

3. I’m not the only one. When I ask people, without leading them, S0 many people have the same experience.

 Final Thoughts

One thing is for sure, Deja Vu cannot be predicted before nor will we know until that moment starts. Only thing which can be done is, EXPERIENCE IT, AGAIN!

Watch this video which explains ‘Déjà vu’ or watch the Hollywood movie ‘Déjà vu‘ which is based on the same phenomena.


Dudhsagar Trip

      It’s been exactly one year now when we all roomies (Pran, Lokesh, Shrinivas, Vijay, Nishal, Me), Vishwa and Amaresh (friend’s of pran) decided to go for the long pending trip to GOA en route dudhsagar. We planed for this trip long ahead so that friends staying in other states could also take leave. Everyone was excited about the trip as we finally are going to Dudhsagar (got famous recently due to chennai express movie). As 15-Aug-2014 was coming on Friday, we had a long weekend plan set ahead. We made our reservations for train till Hubli junction. We started the journey on Aug-14 from Bangalore station and reached Hubli around 8 AM in the morning. And from there on, we would catch other train till Londa Junction where we met Vijay and Nishal who were travelling from Mumbai and Pune respectively.

At Londa Junction
At Londa Junction

     Once we reached Londa Junction, we decided to take a car to reach Castle Rock station. Before the car was booked, all of them started discussing about drinks rather than searching for the car. As it was 15-Aug, there were no much vehicles available which worked as advantage to the cab drivers who were charging hefty amount. After bargaining, we came to mutual understanding and agreed to pay Rs. 2000. We stopped after few minutes to refresh ourselves and purchase drinks from the store. As expected, the price was high as it was remote area and dry day. It was around 12 PM when we reached Castle Rock and it started to drizzle. As it was Independence Day, Pran was eager to carry Indian flag with him throughout the journey. After searching nearby, he saw a car which hoisted flag on it. He silently moved near the car, stole the flag and hurriedly join the group.

    Castle Rock is the last station that lies within the border of Karnataka. We decided to have food and then start the trek. As we walked to the remote village beside the railway track, rain poured heavily. We somehow managed to reach a small hotel/mess where we have our food. As everyone was hungry, they had food to their heart’s content. It was around 1.30 PM when we started our trek from Castle Rock. The trek from Castle Rock to Dudhsagar is 11 km long which included series of rail tunnels and takes around 6-7 hours to reach Doodhsagar. One of the difficult task was walking on railway tracks. At first, We would not balance right and use to walk in between the tracks but later after walking for about an kilo-meter or so, you start to catch the correct rhythm and start walking comfortably on the tracks.

At Tunnel No. 1
At Tunnel No. 1

       The first tunnel is at quite a distance from Castle Rock Station. We reached  Tunnel #2 shortly after crossing the first tunnel. This is the longest tunnel on the entire stretch which stretches a distance of 2.4 km and resembles the entrance of a church. This tunnel is a bit curved and hence you surely will require a torch to navigate through. It took us around 10-15 minutes to cross this tunnel and the experience was thrilling but scary at the same time. It is really an adrenaline pumping experience to cross such a long tunnel.  As we kept on walking along the railway path, so did the drizzle behind us. It followed us to quite some distance, then we all decided to take a break and refresh ourselves at Tunnel #4. Friends boozed and enjoyed the moment.

      As we resumed, rain stopped completely and which showed the serenity and calmness which lies in forest. There was a waterfall aside one of the tunnels seeing which all of them drenched in it and played near it, it was such a fun watching them enjoying under the waterfall. After an hour or so, we resumed our trek. After Tunnel no.6, lies one of the most scenic rail section – The Viaduct and the tunnel combination (pic below). We were  mesmerized by the sight which we just witnessed. A tunnel was drilled through a huge rock of mountain and a bridge was built just at the exit.

At Tunnel No. 6
At Tunnel No. 6

After crossing four more tunnels, we witnessed the single lined track developing into a double-line. Hence an indication that we were nearing the Dudhsagar Railway Station. A few steps away from the Dudhsagar Station lies the ancient station built by the Portuguese which was called ‘Dudh Sagur“. Just after this station, lies the last and the final tunnel before the very alluring yet mighty powerful Dudhsagar Falls. We were eager to complete this stretch and witness the falls and wanted to know the reason for all the hype which people have created where they say all this trek is worthwhile. Tunnel no. 11 was traversed quickly and we got closer the Dudhsagar Waterfalls Railway Station. After crossing this station, lies the Dudhsagar Falls.

View of the forrest
View of the forrest
     We reached Dudhsagar around 6 PM in the evening. We were afraid we wouldn’t get the proper view and enjoy the scenery as it was late in the evening but we were lucky enough to be at the correct moment. The first glance of the waterfall took my breath away. It was such a awe-inspiring feeling that made all our fatigue go away in a flash. One must visit place like this in their life time which makes you feel like different and refreshing. Even though the falls is bit far from the bridge, the rain droplets were falling on the tracks which didn’t allow me the take pictures near it. I was disappointed as I tried constantly taking pictures from my camera but failed to due to water droplets pouring in. I finally gave up, and my friends took out their mobile phones which captured our wonderful moments. The falls are very much stronger and would pull you in if you try to venture even closer. Hence make a note to view the falls only from the railway bridge and never ever try to go beneath or closer. It is indeed very safe at the railway bridge,We saw many people camping near the tracks and also beside the waterfall, which made us to re-think our plan. But the plan was scheduled and cannot be changed at this moment, so with heavy heart, I agreed.


    We planned to reach kulem and from their by train to Goa. As we started to walk back to Dudhsagar station (which is around 600 meters away from the waterfall), a goods train which travels to Kulem was getting heated up. One of the passerby informed us that this is the last train of the day, and is missed we have to be in dudhsagar till morning. Even though we were completely exhausted, we ran in the dark as if there was no tomorrow. I still remember the moment where Me and Vijay were the last guys who were running to catch the train and gave our 200% to catch the train. Amid, Vijay was so exhausted that he couldn’t run and was saying, “I will catch tomorrow’s morning train” but after bucking him up, we finally boarded the last boogie of the train where there is a small cabin for the signal guy. The last picture of the beautiful dudhsagar was taken from the goods train at a spot where in you have to be all set to click a picture which will last only few seconds. Below is one such pic taken by us.
Breathtaking view of Dudhsagar from train
Breathtaking view of Dudhsagar from train
    It was an enthralling trek to dudhsagar which was made special by my close and dear friends. The excitement what followed in goa is a different episode which I will pen down in other blog.



A Scrapbook. I first heard the name when I was pursing my graduation. It was through one of the then most popular social networking site ‘Orkut’ (which was shut down recently by Google). On hearing the word, I was under impression that it’s the conjugation of two words Scrap+Book. And I was like, what kind of book would be this? What do people do with such books, scrap it? Why was this called Scrapbook? But then when I found out the actual meaning behind it. I figured it out and correlated to what many people are aware of, SLAM BOOK. They both are different in many way yet one in other ways.

According to many dictionaries, Scrapbook‘ is a book with blank pages used for the mounting and preserving of pictures, clippings, writing or other mementos

Cover Page of the Scrapbook which I recieved

             Many people have the hobby of scrapbooking (that’s what I say) and many do it for fun. There are phases in everyone’s life when things change and have impact in your life to large extent, be it love, marriage, becoming father/mother etc. These are the big moments should be cherished and preserved in a special way which many people do in their own way by pictures, letters, mails, telegrams and few use scrapbook. I’m not a person who is fond of scrapbooks or slam book in any way (be it writing one or gifting one) but one incident changed my way of looking into it. I always considered in finding happiness in small things which has its own moments in it. When I first got the book from the special person in my life,  I was speechless even before I could open the first page. When I was going through the pages which had pictures attached to it, lines written and small gist about the situation, I had mixed feeling of happiness and tears in my eyes. Those moments were flashing by in front of my as it just happened. When I finished reading the book, I was tongue-tied. I didn’t speak a word for more than half an hour. It was then I realised that few words are better left unspoken, they wouldn’t express what I felt.

From then on every time I see that scrapbook, I see my life rewind those earlier years and smallest moments which have rooted in me strongly & deeply. Every time I go through the book, I get emotional and spellbound. It remains one of the favourite and most valuable gift I have ever received in my life and will always keep it near to my heart.