A Scrapbook. I first heard the name when I was pursing my graduation. It was through one of the then most popular social networking site ‘Orkut’ (which was shut down recently by Google). On hearing the word, I was under impression that it’s the conjugation of two words Scrap+Book. And I was like, what kind of book would be this? What do people do with such books, scrap it? Why was this called Scrapbook? But then when I found out the actual meaning behind it. I figured it out and correlated to what many people are aware of, SLAM BOOK. They both are different in many way yet one in other ways.

According to many dictionaries, Scrapbook‘ is a book with blank pages used for the mounting and preserving of pictures, clippings, writing or other mementos

Cover Page of the Scrapbook which I recieved

             Many people have the hobby of scrapbooking (that’s what I say) and many do it for fun. There are phases in everyone’s life when things change and have impact in your life to large extent, be it love, marriage, becoming father/mother etc. These are the big moments should be cherished and preserved in a special way which many people do in their own way by pictures, letters, mails, telegrams and few use scrapbook. I’m not a person who is fond of scrapbooks or slam book in any way (be it writing one or gifting one) but one incident changed my way of looking into it. I always considered in finding happiness in small things which has its own moments in it. When I first got the book from the special person in my life,  I was speechless even before I could open the first page. When I was going through the pages which had pictures attached to it, lines written and small gist about the situation, I had mixed feeling of happiness and tears in my eyes. Those moments were flashing by in front of my as it just happened. When I finished reading the book, I was tongue-tied. I didn’t speak a word for more than half an hour. It was then I realised that few words are better left unspoken, they wouldn’t express what I felt.

From then on every time I see that scrapbook, I see my life rewind those earlier years and smallest moments which have rooted in me strongly & deeply. Every time I go through the book, I get emotional and spellbound. It remains one of the favourite and most valuable gift I have ever received in my life and will always keep it near to my heart.


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