Day 2: Trip to Srisailam

Day 2 started on a rainy note. I woke up around 4 AM in the morning to see that it was raining heavily, so I went back to bed. It was around 6.30-7.00 AM in the morning when I woke up again and found it was still raining. I woke up the other two guys and checked what shall we do on the schedule. We decided to get ready and see if rain stops till then. By the time we got ready and leave the hotel, rain subsidised. It was around 7.30 AM when we hit the road to reach Mahanandi.

Day 2: Route Map
Day 2: Route Map

It was 9.00 AM when we reached Mahanandi temple, and the first look of the temple made me say “Wow”. The temple is surrounded by hills and the fog on the hills made it look much more mesmerizing. It was still drizzling due to which Mahesh & Harsha couldn’t have bath in holy pond. We finished our darshan early enough that we were outside the temple around 10 AM. We had our breakfast at a tiffin centre which was beside the temple and started our journey to Srisailam. The weather lived up to its reputation for the season which made the drive comfortable and untiring.

We reached Sikharam at 2.00 PM to view the temple of srisailam from the eyes of Nandi. One can see the three temples present in Srisailam from this spot.  After relaxing for a while, we left to our destination. We reached Srisailam at 3.30 PM and drove to the Lodge where we had already book the room. It was very sunny and humid at that hour and was difficult to stay in that room. We enquired for an AC room but wasn’t able, that’s when my dad’s power comes into picture. I told him the situation and he quickly called and informed the people of the lodge to accommodate one AC room for us as the president of the Hotel committee was my dad’s friend. Finally, we got one AC room where-in we got freshen up and went out to enquire about “Istakameshwari Temple”.

To our disappointment, there are only limited Jeeps which travel to that place and the quota for the day was done. We were told to come early morning tomorrow at 8.30 AM so that we can ride in the first jeep. That’s when, we decided to go for rope way and boat ride to Srisailam dam. It was 5.30 PM when we sat in the rope way and headed downwards for the boat ride. It costed us around Rs. 300 per person for both rope way and ferry ride. The ferry ride was good where the driver stopped in the middle of the dam and explained us the what, when, who information about the dam, its prophecy etc. It was getting dark when we hopped on the rope way to go back up. We reached room at 7.00 PM and relaxed for a while. Then after a while, Me & Harsh went around to have tea and see how the vicinity looks at night. We sat near of the road side platforms and were looking at passers-by having their own moments and enjoying it.

We went back to the hotel and the dinner was being served. One of the good thing about the stay here was, inclusion of food (breakfast, lunch and dinner). Mahesh had already collected the coupons for the diner. We quickly went and sat on the table where hot and tasty food was being served. We had dinner to our hearts content as we didn’t had proper food the whole day. We decided to go for a walk (had more than we can :)) around to digest a bit. Got back to room after a while and decided to wake up early morning 3.00 AM.


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