An old man with a young gal

Your imaginations might have started wandering to the wildest after seeing the title. Let me tell you that, you’re imaginations are in the correct way ;). It fascinating to see that most of the young gals/women have some kind of attraction towards the older men.  I’m a first timer on witnessing such incidents and MIGHT change my mind the next time I witness it. So before such thing happens again, I just wanted to say about that. This blog is about what I have seen and will pen down as it happened that night. This blog might appeal one out of ten people who read this, because of their change in modern lifestyle, western culture or the trend or whatever you think of.

We friends (4 of them) planned to go to some pub to chill out and were looking for options. After all the talks, discussions and suggestions we decided to go to 13th Floor, M G Road. We enquired about the place and made a reservation on 14th October, 2015. We reached the destination around 9:00 PM. After entering, we were guided to our seats which were corner and were able to see the partly view of M G road. The view of the road from the top looks vibrant with stream of lights passing by and the gust of cool breeze hitting your face. We got settled at our table and ordered for drinks, mock tails & starters.

As we started discussing on various topics, there comes a couple which knocked my socks off. An old man (say early 50’s) and a gal (around mid 20’s) walked into the pub with such ease and style made me glare at them for few seconds. Old man had his hands wrapped around the gal’s waist and walked. The first look of the couple would make you think that its kind of business proposal or some kind  of give-and-take agreement. And to our luck, they settled beside our table. Many people in the pub eyed the couple which brought the old man discomfort but nothing shackled the gal’s confidence. There were moments where in the gal was so lustful and made gestures which would erect any man but old man controlled his feelings. After a while or so, they changed the table and moved one table further from us and were given on the high stand. We were getting entertained at free of cost, so were others. We continued our conservations and were having a laughing stock.

Then there were other group who started to dance for few songs which were being played. Seeing this, couple of other people joined and it was all fun time. All of a sudden, the couple in the limelight stood up and started dancing in a romantic way. Ufff! Should have seen that. The gal pretty drunk and the old man were facing each other and dancing, out of the blue gal takes the hand of the old man and puts on her hips. Then came the shocker, she started shaking her hips, just like Shakira’s hips don’t lie, seriously. The old man tried his best to remove his hand but was in vain. The gal was totally under influence of the alcohol and which stretched her boundaries for erotic that she continuously pulled the old man for smooches.  This continued for more than half an hour and I must say they did put on a good show to the people in the pub. I was feeling dejected that society/people have changed but then soon realised it there choice and who the fuck I’m to judge whether they are good or bad.

But hey, I have my own opinions on such things and it “sucks” big time. One thing is for sure, seeing such incidents people will explore such options with others which would raise alarms in the society. If thought on broader perspective, tables are turning where in today’s generation of our country have learnt western cultures, their lifestyles where in other country people are learning ours. It always trying to match them by losing the morale of where we have been brought up and the cultures of it. As said earlier, it might not be appealing blog to many of you but it’s the bitter truth.


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