Diner at High Ultra Lounge

       The plan for diner at High Ultra Lounge was a long pending experience. It got streamlined when Ravi (one of my close friend) was in Bangalore for few days. It was since very long time we two had to catch up. We decided to go for diner at one of the best rooftop lounge available in Bangalore. We had various options in our plate such as Skyye, Fatty bao, High ultra lounge, Persian terrace etc. We tried for Skyye lounge-UBcity, the other day but due to some work, we couldn’t make it. Then on Thursday around 12 in the afternoon, Ravi confirmed he is up for the diner. That’s when, I called up the guys at High Ultra Lounge and reserved the table for two around 8.30 PM.

As usual, due to heavy traffic, we reached the lounge around 9.00 PM. And to make the matter worse, the table was given to someone else which pissed me off. We sat near the bar area for an hour and ordered mock tails for each of us and were discussing things. I was feeling a bit uncomfortable to sit in the bar area not because they serve liquor but for other reasons. After an hour wait, when requested, we were moved to open rooftop lounge but was not happy because the table was adjacent to the loud speakers which was not letting us communicate. After couple of requests yet again, we were moved to the corner table at the end.  This time, we were satisfied with the seating :). The view from the table was such a hair-rising experience. Bangalore was looking like a big jigsaw puzzle where in the metro track was one of the highlights. We were able to see the complete stretch of metro from Malleshwaram to ISKON temple via Navrang. It was like an ant moving on the line :).

    Food didn’t stand up to what we expected but nevertheless we order many things such as Beef rolls with asparagus, Baby corn, Schimi spiced maki with tenkasu (I will remember this dish for a very long time because I wont even dare to order it again). After ordering different cuisines, we came back to our own desi food. The discussion between us was going in parallel and we were at one moment laughing, other moment discussing the old things, then switching to our personal lives. The topic of discussion was extreme at both ends and was such a blast. Abhishek Shukla (aka AB, if I recollect his name correctly) the waiter assigned to our table added craziness to it. With his expressions, dance steps, interaction with guests and words, it added more fun and laugh. We rounded up the diner by having Egg fried rice and chocolate hot cake. It was around 12.30 PM when we decided to leave.


It was a much needed break from the hectic office work and a rejuvenating time spent with an old friend after a very long gap. Looking forward to meet again at SKYYE :).


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