Dreams that don’t let me sleep…

There are few things in life better than drifting off to sleep. After a long day of toil and tribulation, retreating to the comfort of bed, and then to the sweet release of unconsciousness—perchance to dream?—is a blessing, one of the most natural joys human beings can experience. And yet, despite its apparent simplicity, sleep has become incredibly complicated. Many of us (Including me) have difficulties getting to it, and others have trouble staying there. Beyond mechanics, sleep continues to fascinate us with its mystery—what happens while the lights are out upstairs? Why do some people talk and walk when they should be still? Why do some of us wake up screaming? Sleep is such an important part of the human experience that it regularly creeps out into our culture, even our language.

Dreams are not what you get when you are in sleep, dreams are those that don’t let you sleep“.

You might have heard this quote so many times now from your colleagues, friends etc. I’m not going to delve into those proverbs or say some inspiring story what I heard and bore you but will share you my experience in a completely new way which might give you a other dimension/perspective to this famous quote.


I have been having a very weird sleep experience day-in-day-out from more than an year now. Every day when I sleep, I get dreams which are no where related to me, my life nor anything remotely for that matter. For instance, the other day I had a dream about my manager bringing caravan to the office with his family members in it and informing us that they were going to a full week tour. Seriously, Why would such a dream come when I no where imagined about my manager nor the caravan nor the trip. Sometimes I wake up middle of the night and would sit up in my bed in real life and think over it and other times, I would lie there letting the dream continue. There were times where-in I would tell myself that it wasn’t necessary because I was dreaming. It’s like I am dreaming but I am fully aware of the situation (lucid dreaming) and I respond to it in real life. It’s almost like one half of me is dreaming and the other half is telling me to stop because I am dreaming.

We spend 7-8 hours a day sleeping, but our brains are still functioning. While we sleep, we dream, and although we may not remember every single detail of our dreams, it’s always fascinating to ponder on our dream’s meaning. It’s a mysterious phenomenon that spurs us to ask a dozen questions, such as: “Why can’t I remember my dream?” and “What is my dream telling me?” These questions come to my mind especially when I’m unsure of how my dreams or nightmares come about. Many a times, when I wake up from the dream, I remember the gist of the dream but as the day progress, the details of the dream also fade away. I wonder, “Is this how brain works?”or “Is there some science behind this?”. I honestly don’t know why or what it is but it’s annoying because I lose sleep over it. I think it might be just over stimulation from the day but I’m no psychologist.

I have been constantly researching about this now and found some interesting things. One such thing which stood out is a book written by a young girl. When I read her story, I was intrigued as well as appaulded on such effort. The book was about her various dreams which she had experienced while asleep. When the young girl informed this to her mother, she gave a simple solution. A book and a pen. Everyday the girl used to wake up and write down immediately what she dreamt of, thus making a collection of dreams. The idea didn’t stop there and her mother went through the collection and later took the step to give it a form of a BOOK. I have tried to follow the same approach but couldn’t walk through that path. Friends and colleagues did give many suggestions but none worked. It has become routine now that dreams come and go impacting my sleep time, Hope to find a solution to this soon.

This link gave me few interesting facts of dreaming and most of them fit aptly in my case. Go through the link and you might find some intriguing facts, till then HAPPY SLEEPINGDREAMING!!


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