Happy New Year – 2016

As december approaches, every youngster thinks of where and how to celebrate New Year. I’m in the phase where in I have realised New year doesn’t change much in your life expect you age and resolutions which you make (which we tend to forget sooner or later). But why are friends for?! They always come up with something and we end up doing that in one way or the other. This year, we didn’t have to plan something because one of the our friend  (PRASHANTHA KUMAR EMMADI) was getting married on 1st day  of the year.

We among few of friends decided that we will attend his marriage and celebrate the new year at a new place outside bustling Bangalore city. We were 8 friends who were travelling in 2 cars to KARATAGI (The famous, as exaggerated by Prashanta) which is near to Hospet. All of them applied leave on 31st Dec so that we can start early morning from Bangalore and reach Karatagi in the evening to attend the reception. We decided to start bit late in the morning around 10 AM taking Bangalore-Chitradurga-Hospet route to reach the destination. Mahesh, Chandra, Bharath & Shivaraj were in one car (i20) whereas Harsha, Meer, Sumanth and me were in the other (spark). Mahesh and others started early which I wasn’t aware of and by the time, we started from bangalore they had already crossed tumkur, thanks to Sumanth for his late entry. We had our breakfast at SHREE RATHNAM and resumed our journey. As we were running behind the schedule so we opted to skip chitradurga fort which boiled Sumanth because he wanted to visit it. We met i20 guys outside Chitradurga in order to move forward together. It was around 4 PM when we stopped for our lunch at some Bar & Restaurant. One of the funny moment I still recollect is ordering Tea/Coffee in bar :).

After filling in our stomach, we were on road again travelling towards Karatagi. The road was narrow and was busy with trucks passing by. It was around 6.30 PM when we stopped at back waters of Tungabhadra for one scenic view and the tunnel which captured everyone’s eye. We stopped there for few mins and started but not before boys started taking pics behind the orange sky. It was around 8 PM when we reached Karatagi. Me and few friends quickly got freshen up and reached the marriage hall to attend the reception. Other friends join us bit later. We all had light food so that we can party at night. Drinks were arranged by Prashant’s brother. We reached our hotel around 11 AM and within no time, table was set. That night was one hilarious night which I will remember for very very long time. Sumanth made that night unforgettable with his talks, actions and words. As usual, once the clock hit 12, all the lights were shut down for few seconds and were turned on. I seriously don’t know why do they do that? welcome new year with darkness. After wishing their family, friends, girlfriend etc. we bid adieu and slept.

Mr. & Mrs. Prashanta Kumar Emmadi

The next morning, we were all dressed up and attended the marriage. The arrangements were good as any indian wedding, people started pouring in at lunch time. We sat there watching people go by, discussing things and sometimes quick nap. After a while, we got up and had our lunch as we wanted to reach Hospet for night stay. After taking the picture of the group with the couple, we took leave from the place and started journey towards Hospet. This time, we once again went to the backwaters to enjoy the view and also to take pictures. I didn’t disappoint them this time and clicks came out really well. From there on, we went to Tungabhadra gardens to see the dam and gardens (especially the water show). The water show was much to our disappointment which made us not to wait till it finishes. We checked in at BILWA RESIDENCY and had food in the same restaurant. It was around 12.30 AM when Harsha comes to our room and says its his birthday. We woke up our friends and Meer decided to get take at any cost in the middle of night. We roam around the city and got cake pieces inside the Bus station. We celebrated his birthday and wished him again. It was around 2 AM when we fell asleep.

The next day we travelled to HAMPI which was very near to HOSPET.  We reached Virupaksha Temple around 10 in the morning after having our breakfast in the local hotel. After spending some time in the temple, we went to visit VITHALA TEMPLE. Its one of the must-go place in hampi. We reached around 12.30 and took a guide who explained some of the sculptures and things about the temple which made us admire the talent and skill people had ages back. We went around the temple and took few pictures here and there.

It was 2 PM when we decided to leave the temple and start our journey back to bangalore. We have our lunch at a Punjabi hotel in HOSPET and resumed our journey.  The return journey was much quicker as the road was not busy and there was some healthy competition between the drivers :). We decided to stop at Cafe Coffee Day, Peenya to celebrate Harsha birthday. There was only one hour left for his birthday to end when we made him cut the cake. We took few photos and get diversified as we needed to drop Sumanth to Jayanagar whereas Mahesh, Shivaraj & Bharath took Hebbal route to reach home. I was the last person who was dropped at my room at 12.15.

Birthday celebrations @ CCD, Peenya
Birthday celebrations @ CCD, Peenya