Three Dots and a Dash

It was time that one more goat was getting killed :P. This time, it was SHIVARAJ HEDGE‘s turn. There’s was love story with loads of twists and turns. After many roadblocks and hurdles, they were ready to walk down the aisle together. We were happy for him as one love story saw getting the glory (many stories end up in a bad note). We planned for his wedding as we haven’t been to his place (Honnavar). As a ritual, we had him give Bachelor’s party to which he agreed (which was a shocker to us :P). After checking with all of our friends, we booked Arbor Brewing Company (Popularly known as ABC). But we boys never settle on anything at once. We changed the venue to “Three Dots and a Dash“.

The day had arrived and we had gone through the menu before hand and were ready for it. We all reached the place around 8.30 PM and settled down comfortable. It took us good 15-20 mins others to digest the menu and order. As usual, we (Bharath and Myself) experimented with our drinks. We also order one hookah for all of us. There were people (Shivaraj and Harsha) in our group who were trying it for the first time. Once the started taking the smoke in, they got the hang of it and weren’t giving it to anyone else. In the meantime, waiter took ages to get our orders to the table. After multiple enquires and wait, drinks came in. The moment of the night was when our drinks arrived. It was smoking and very unique in appearance. We were hungry as wolf and jumped on the food, on its arrival.

We ordered many items and almost all were of different taste. We wanted something solid to eat such as rice but weren’t as they didn’t have such cuisine. So, we made a runtime plan to have ice cream at CORNER HOUSE and call off the day. We quickly called the waiter and informed to get the bill. We were expecting the bill to be somewhere around 8k but it was much to our surprise when we saw the bill. We left the place and hurried to look for Corner House in the vicinity. It was 11 PM when we all reached the shop and ordered various kinds of ice creams, shakes etc. As the weather was humid, we sat on the road side and  had our shares of ice creams/shakes. We wished Shivaraj once again and bid adieu to all.

Outside CORNER HOUSE, Indira Nagar
Outside CORNER HOUSE, Indira Nagar



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