Late night Tea

Friday Night, it was and we (Meer and Myself) were sitting in my room discussing things. The day was hectic with lots of work and other stuff. Harsha had come by to my room as they (Husband and wife) were travelling to Ooty tomorrow early morning and had to take few things from Meer. We also had plans of going to Chikmangalur for the weekend but it didn’t work out as expected. I didn’t have any backup plans ready so was bit agitated. Meer and I were lying in my room and discussing on various matters. Bharath joined us in a while and informed us about the things happening around in our office. We took a pause for a moment and looked at the watch to see we were discussing from an hour or so. Meer said “let’s go to Shivaji Nagar for tea”. Bharath and myself looked towards him and he understood our reactions. We let the idea soak into ourselves and then decided lets go for it. 12.02 AM was the time when we started from our room.

We reached Shivaji nagar around 12.30 and saw the crowd with lights lit like there was a marriage. The street was crowd and the road was bustling with cars, bikes and people. We stopped near Beef marked to have the special chai. As we were finishing our tea, police arrived. Belive me, there was a traffic jam around 1 AM  and police stepped out of his vehicle to clear it. The policemen started closing the shops and ordered people to leave. We thought that they would move within few minutes but we were wrong. They came back and shut most of the shops and roadside stalls. We were standing near the parking area and observing all of this. After a while, we left the place and headed towards Empire Hotel, Church Street. It was crowded with people who were drunk, few of them were high and ecstatic and surprisingly few family people (I mean elderly people).  We three ordered Lime soda and were observing the crowd. One gal stood out in whole of the crowd revealing her assets. Uff, she was hot!! There were people eyeing her from the corner of their eye and she was enjoying the attention. We walked down the road for a quick stroll and left the place. We rode around  MG Road for a while and headed towards my room. By the time we reached, it was almost 3 AM in the morning.


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