Nagarthpet Dosa Walk

It was Sunday and I was lazying around at my room. I woke up around 5.15 PM and was still in sleep mode, that’s when my phone buzzed and the notification for the event was displayed on the phone. It came to my mind that I had marked as “Interested” in attending this event couple of weeks back. I was bit reluctant at first as the place was bit far from my room (Basava nagar) and I wasn’t feeling well too. But then decided I will go for it irrespective of what happens as I was at home doing nothing from two days. I informed Vijay about the same and he agreed to join me. We got ready in 10 mins and headed towards the place.

img_1091-1We reached the place around 6.45 pm and weren’t sure whether  we reached the correct placed or not, that’s when I noticed the place-holder of the community “Best Bangalore” which confirmed me that we are at right place. We parked our bike opp to temple and went to the first stall where there was bit crowd. We ordered a plate idly which was very delicious and very soft with the chutney they provided with. After gulping it, we ordered “PUDI MASALA DOSA“. The first bite of the dosa made such an impression that I wouldn’t forget. It was sumptuous and very different from the ones what we have regularly. The ghee on top of it added the extra taste. And when asked  for the price, he said Rs. 50/- (which is reasonable when compared to the dosa stall what we eat daily). The start was delightful, I said.

We moved ahead and checked other food stalls. We were not in position to have anything else so decides to stroll around for a while then start again 😊😋. After half an hour or so, we came back at started with Masala papad. We thought it would be like a lighter snack but soon it proved wrong. The papad was thick with spicy chutney and different kinds of vegetables on top of it. It was merely Rs.20/- per papad. We finished and went further to taste lemon rice. It tasted nice but we have tasted much better. We ordered one more pudi masala dosa and told him to parcel it. We headed back to our bike when I realized vijay wanted to taste Hot Badam milk. We took one glass with malai which was of Rs.30/-. After having milk, I casually asked Vijay if he wants to try out something more to which he said “No”😜.  We left the place with a smile  on the face, largely because of the dosa we had.

I must say, people who want to try different kind of dosa, then it’s a must visit place. You won’t be disappointed.


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