Trick to lose weight: Delboeuf Illusion

This post will change your way of how you gonna think especially for a person who want to lose weight. Yes, you heard me right. This post has changed my perspective not only  how to lose weight but many other factors. Before I describe more what this post is about, I want you to look at the two bowls of cereal below. Which one is fuller? The one on the left or the right?


Now, before I give you the answer to the question above, let’s talk about who Joseph Delboeuf, the man whom the Delboeuf Illusion was named after, was. Joseph Delboeuf was a 19th-century Belgian philosopher who discovered that if you surround two identical circles with different amounts of “white space,” people think they’re looking at two different circles. Basically, the more “white space” around the circle, the smaller the circle appears. So if we look at the 2 bowls of cereal again, it looks like the bowl on the right is fuller, but it’s not – it just looks that way because there’s less “white space” around it.

Actual drawing of the Delboeuf Illusion
Actual drawing of the Delboeuf Illusion

So the answer to the question above is – both bowls have the same amount of cereal. It depends upon how you see it. Few people might have got the crux of the matter but there will be few who haven’t figured it out on how this illusion will help you lose weight.  Well, you use it to help you control your food portion size. If you put food on a small plate, your mind will tell you that you are eating a large portion and you’ll stop adding. That visual cue will trick your brain into thinking it’s had enough to eat.

This trick worked for me, try it on yourselves and see the change.