Hello, world!

As many of software engineers mind would run at lightning speed when they see the title of the blog and corelate with Java program. It’s no where related to it.  Coming to my situation, I’m bored of the term “Hello, world!!” and yet write this blog on its name because that is when I did my personal Hello, world! in the world.

Yeah, exactly 28 years ago, on 28th May,

  • 900,979,200 seconds
  • 15,016,320 minutes
  • 250,272 hours
  • 10,428 days
  • 1489 weeks and 5 days

Yet another “Hello, world!”? Yes, this time not from me but from this very blog you are reading! :o)

On a serious note, I’m very happy to start blogging, as it was one of the items pending on my Bucket List for a long time now. Even though I’m not that active on blogging, do keep watching this space for the list!