Long drive with a surprise

It’s been a week now that I got married to my friend (SHILPA). Time flew as we were busy with rituals and other ceremonies in the family. We had to head back to Bangalore as I needed to reported in my new company on Monday, 21st November. We had left my hometown (Bidar) in the early hours in order to reach Bagalkot around afternoon/evening. My sister and nephews accompanied us till Bagalkot and from there, they would travel with her husband. It was pleasant drive with weather being on our side. It was around 4’o clock when we reached her parent’s home. The welcome was not that I expected (with garland and all) with the family standing at the gate waiting for us.

We stayed there for the evening and went to her uncle’s home. It was refreshing to see such spacious homes with garden and play area inside it which is rare exception in Bengaluru. Later that night, I was checking out our marriage photos taken by the photographer and to our shock, they weren’t upto the mark. I was utterly disappointed and ended up calling and giving him a smack. I had to disconnect the call as it was dinner time. At dinner, my father-in-law had prepared the route to Bangalore where in it was in such detailed description where to take turns, which hotel to have breakfast, which roads to be taken and which not to. I had to say, it was one heck of plan route with such a precision.

In the early morning, we left from Bagalkot to Bangalore. This was our first long drive and as she dreamt of, I was able to kickstart one of her wish. After half an hour or so, we stopped outside Badami to take the fresh air and to check the beautiful sunflowers. It was around 10 o’clock when we had stopped at the hotel suggested by my father-in-law. Within half an hour, we were back on road but a long journey and many wonderful moments to spend. After continuous driving with loads of chatter, antakshari etc., we stopped 150 Kms away from Bengaluru to have our lunch. As we came closer to Bangalore, city life started to show up in the form of traffic and lots of honking. We were back to our monotonous life after a gap of 3 weeks.

We reached our home around 6.30 in the evening and there was a surprise planned by me to her. The surprise was not that big enough as you might have seen in picture above, yet she was on cloud nine. The moment was captured by me and one of my friend. This has itched in our life permanently.