My Himalayan

It’s been couple of months now that I was travelling by car to office and life was more struggling as the time spent on road was nearly half of what was spent in office. Traffic on the roads of Bengaluru was becoming worse than previous day. It takes me easily an hour to reach office which is hardly 9 kms away. My knees start to talk to me as I used brake and clutch pedal more often than accelerator. The knee cap sometimes use to pain like hell when stretched a bit. My wife travels by Activa and reaches within 40 minutes even though the traffic on her route is much worse than mine. This was when I put fourth the suggestion to get a bike for myself. My wife supported the suggestion immediately and told to check which bike suits me. I was hesitant to bring this topic in front of my parents as I have already changed bike couple of times and recently brought an Activa and a car for myself.

Harley Davidson Street 750 was my first choice but then waited for the feeling to let it pass, not because of the budget of the bike but the maintenance and “keeping it safe” made me realise that it won’t work out for me. Royal Enfield classic 350 (black) was second on the list. But then we wanted to check latest bikes. Of all the bikes recently, Royal Enfield Himalayan caught my attention and I was in the awe of the bike. The dirt bike looks, high seats, black and white colour and simplistic design made me fell for it. I kept the option of it in front of my wife & one of my friend. Surprisingly, both refused me to go for it as it would not suit me and height might be an issue. I had gone to showroom twice for test ride and found it comfortable enough to ride and handle. Must say, BHP of the bike is simply great. The way it picks up from 0 to 60 in no time is thrilling. One of the reasons which was our concern was the cost (1.93L on road). Typical Indian mentality stuck me, that when the price comes down, we tend to pull down even the budget of ours. We thought for a week and thought to take second hand bike which is hardly few months old. To my luck, found a guy on OLX who was selling his Himalayan as he was travelling to US on official purpose for half an year. He sent me the pictures of his bike and how he had maintained it.

Upon seeing the pics he shared, I was convinced on purchasing the bike from him. After discussing and negotiating, we came to an agreement and made a deal at 1.45L for a 4 month old bike. It sounded a pretty good deal and we both were happy for it. We decided to meet at my office for the trial and move forward if we are satisfied with the performance of the bike. Me and my friend tested it and then we left for my wife’s office to take a feel of pillon rider. She was also comfortable and told me to go for it. We informed him that in couple of days, we would meet and take the bike.

Royal Enfield Himalayan
Royal Enfield Himalayan

It was on January 19, 2017, when the bike was mine. The same day, I initiated the transfer on my name. It happened a couple of times now that, people sometimes stare at my bike when I’m riding. It feels so good that I have owned it.

Waiting for a long road trip soon!



Happy New Year – 2017

An remarkable year has come to an end which was filled with stories painted in all sorts of shades. Many people will remember 2016 as a year of unprecedented surprises: demonetisation (which is probably the biggest story of the year), Donald Trump (earthshaking story of a rank outsider — a joke candidate, if we’re being honest) elected as US president, Uri terror attacks, Surgical attacks carried after the attack, followed by ban on muslim actors in bollywood, rise of PV Sindhu, Samsung Note 7 getting exploded etc. are notably top of the list. It’s been one heck of an year for the people of India (and US citizens after Trump was elected as US Prez). On the personal front, I have lost something very important in my life and gained few. Also I have reached few milestones in my life too: completed 5 years in a company, got married and joined a new company.

This new year wasn’t any different as my parents had come down to Bengaluru for health checkup planned for my mom in the coming days. Even parents of my wife had come to Benagluru to visit us at our new home. Thus, no plans were made on how to spend the new year. On the other hand, my cousin was planning camp fire at one of my cousin’s near Electronic city, followed by a visit to a temple early next morning. Medical tests were done the second time due to some issues, results for the tests came in and doctor advised my parents to come after a month, so they decided to leave same day (Thursday) by train. Her parents visited our home and spent a day with us and returned back on Friday to her uncle’s home. So, my cousin’s plan was ON and we informed him about our availability.

Plan was to gather few friends and  meet at the place decided by 9.30 PM. wp-1483626596172.jpgAs we had some work to attend in the afternoon, we picked up other friends and reached an hour late. We waited for others to join as they were getting food and snacks for the party. Once they were in, we started the campfire. When there are friends & campfire, the only other thing needed is ALCOHOL :P. Most of my friends started drinking and as courtesy,  I too had a peg with them. It was countdown time for the new year and everyone was ready on their toes to wish each others. Once it ticked 12 o’clock, we shouted aloud “HAPPY NEW YEAR”. Friends wished and hugged each others and were enjoying the moment by calling their beloved one’s. After an hour, we remembered of the cake we have brought in. All of us gathered around campfire and cut the cake. We danced for a while and had our dinner but few of the boys weren’t in the mood to have it so they continued to drink. I tagged along other ladies to home so that they can have a nap before we head to the Sri Mahalakshmi Temple which is near Goravanahalli early in the morning.

Goravanahalli is around 80 KM from Bengaluru, famous for its Mahalakshmi temple. Goravanahalli Mahalakshmi temple is dedicated to goddess Mahalakshmi and believed that the idol of Shri Mahalakshmi is self- originated. It’s a small temple but going by people words, its very powerful and many people wishes have come true. It took us around two and half hours (time was around 12.30 PM) when we reached near the temple and found the road was blocked by police due to huge rush. We were allowed to take the car near the temple as one of my friend’s wife was carrying. After parking the car, we had one more hurdle to cross i.e. to take tickets for special darshan which was a nightmare. It took us a good hour to enter the temple and pay a visit, but it was worth the wait. We then went for the dam which is adjacent to the temple. As the temperature was too hot, we relaxed a bit under the tree shade and progressed towards car to start our journey back to Bengaluru. It was 6 PM when we reached our friend’s home at Koramangala. We quickly had snacks and headed towards Yeshwantpur Railway Station as my wife’s parents were travelling. It took us 30 minutes to travel hardly a km or two, that’s when we dropped the plan and picked up another, which was shopping for my wife. That’s how, our new year ended with, SHOPPING :).