Happy Women’s Day

omen. When I listen or see the word, only one person comes into my mind instantaneously and that’s my MOTHER. And I’m not alone in saying this for sure. She is one of the most selfless person and also selfish when it comes to her children’s. Recently there has been one more entry in my life and it’s of my wife. She has been the one who is taking all the heat lately. My anger, my happiness, me being childish, my pain, my mood swings etc. And yet she would be calm and take it easily. I’m not a open person and tend to keep lot of feelings inside me rather than expressing it. There has been instances where in I was not in good mood due to past things which she knows about but never asked and gave me my space to let that sink into me. Of late, she has been a driving force in my life in various aspects.

Lot’s was on my head to make this year’s women’s day special for her. Even as I write this, she isn’t aware of the plans I made but ended up not executing to due to other factors. I came up late from the office due to App Studio work. On the way to home, had been to gift store to get a gift which could sum up all my expressions and what I wanted to say but was in vain as I found no gift matching to her. With heavy heart, I went to home. And there she was, juggling between office work on her laptop and also managing household work. When I came in, she asked what I want to have as fillers by the time she cooks dinner. That’s when it hit me, DINNER.  And I said to myself “Dinner, It is“. It’s the least I can do for her. I convinced her and asked for her preference of hotel and gave her more than couple of choices to select. She ended up selecting a restaurant TABLA’ which was nearby place. We got dressed and headed for our on-the-fly dinner date.

The ambience was very quite and as per her liking. Tabla being one of the famous Andhra style restaurant, I insisted her to order food of Andhra cuisine so that she can get the taste of it (of which I’m a fan of). Even though, we had ordered Andhra food, I was hesitant that she wouldn’t like it (as she doesn’t like changes) but I was glad that she made liking to it and enjoyed the food pleasantly. One of the things which I liked it was, FRUIT PUNCH. It was just heavenly and was in no mood to share it with her :P. We are full soon enough and informed the manager to parcel the rest of it.

I had a satisfied feeling inside me that I somehow made the day cheerful, happy and smiling for her. In no means, this was nothing when compared to what she does for me day-in-day-out. Deep down, it gives you greater satisfaction that I did something which made her feel so and promised myself that I would do my best to make her feel the same every day.


Indian Paratha Company, Bengaluru

Another weekend was on the cards and we didn’t want to spend resting or relaxing at home. We had few planned errands to run on saturday which might be completed by evening. As a surprise, I had planned to take my wife for a long drive and have a evening snack outside Bangalore. Zomato is one app which comes in very handy when it comes to selecting a restaurant for any type depending upon your choice and location. As always, two options were shortlisted, one being Indian Paratha Company and other being Malgudi Vatika. Considering the time we would be free, Indian Paratha Company looked an timely choice with sunset and less noise around. All was not fixed as I wanted my wife to decide on the fly to which place she would like to go.

As usual, we finished our morning chores and got ready to complete our other household errands. It was around 3.30 PM when we were done by our work and that’s when the much awaited question was asked to me :). Where do we go now? What to do now?. I dumbly acted and asked “Where do you wanna go? Outside Bengaluru?“. And that’s when she said “Indian Paratha Company”. I immediately said, “Indian Paratha Company, it is. She wanted me to decide a place rather than she deciding it but I played my cards well. It was 5 PM when we reached the place and it was empty enough with only couple of seats taken. We got settled down and looked into the menu.

After loads of discussion, we finally placed our order for Achari paratha, Irish coffee and Mojito. Place was getting filled and as was the dawn with cool breeze and sounds of the vehicles zooming in and out. We chit chatted for a while and ordered for a second time which was something different and mouth watering. By the time, we finished our food and were full to the tongue, the sun was set and light were zeroing down. The lights were lit up and the sky acted as a perfect background, blue in color.

We had spent good two hours there and wasn’t looking at the time, rather at the sunset to estimate the time. We settled up the bill and left the place at the correct time. The last impressions of the place were the happiest as we had spend quality time together after a hectic week at the office.