Indian Paratha Company

Another weekend was on the cards and we didn’t want to spend resting or relaxing at home. We had few planned errands to run on saturday which might be completed by evening. As a surprise, I had planned to take my wife for a long drive and have a evening snack outside Bangalore. Zomato is one app which comes in very handy when it comes to selecting a restaurant for any type depending upon your choice and location. As always, two options were shortlisted, one being Indian Paratha Company and other being Malgudi Vatika. Considering the time we would be free, Indian Paratha Company looked an timely choice with sunset and less noise around. All was not fixed as I wanted my wife to decide on the fly to which place she would like to go.

As usual, we finished our morning chores and got ready to complete our other household errands. It was around 3.30 PM when we were done by our work and that’s when the much awaited question was asked to me :). Where do we go now? What to do now?. I dumbly acted and asked “Where do you wanna go? Outside Bengaluru?“. And that’s when she said “Indian Paratha Company”. I immediately said, “Indian Paratha Company, it is. She wanted me to decide a place rather than she deciding it but I played my cards well. It was 5 PM when we reached the place and it was empty enough with only couple of seats taken. We got settled down and looked into the menu.

After loads of discussion, we finally placed our order for Achari paratha, Irish coffee and Mojito. Place was getting filled and as was the dawn with cool breeze and sounds of the vehicles zooming in and out. We chit chatted for a while and ordered for a second time which was something different and mouth watering. By the time, we finished our food and were full to the tongue, the sun was set and light were zeroing down. The lights were lit up and the sky acted as a perfect background, blue in color.

We had spent good two hours there and wasn’t looking at the time, rather at the sunset to estimate the time. We settled up the bill and left the place at the correct time. The last impressions of the place were the happiest as we had spend quality time together after a hectic week at the office.


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