Lunch at Malgudi Vatika

To visit this place was a long pending task which never got ticked off from our bucket list. Some way or the other, it was getting postponed even after multiple plans. It requires around 2 hours to reach Malgudi Vatika, which was on Mysore road from my home. Months passed by and the lunch date never happened.

It was a regular weekend again in Bengaluru where we got up late, had breakfast and were talking with my brother and another friend. All of a sudden, Malgudi Vatika popped up in my head. I asked my wife, brother and another family friend if they are up to visiting this place and everyone agreed to it. We freshened up quickly and were en route for the lunch. It was monsoon season and rain has just stopped when we reached the place. I expected the place to be big (as seen in online pictures) but to my surprise, it was smaller in size. We waited in the queue for the tables to be emptied. We sat outside near lawn and ordered a couple of starters to begin with, and then “Weekend Special Thali “.

It was very peaceful watching the drizzle making all the way to the ground traversing the wooden roof, entering into the half-cut pipe and falling on the planters attached to the roof. The food was served on a copper plate as like olden days. The food and ambiance were purely authentic in ‘North Karnataka‘ style. The drizzle stopped again as we finished our sumptuous meal and ordered a cup of tea which blended with the atmosphere outside. We clicked few pictures here & there and made our way back to home. It’s always satisfying to tick one off from the bucket list.


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