Chikmagalur – Day 1

It’s been many months now that I haven’t been focusing on writing my travel experiences because of various reasons but as they say, “old habits never die”, so here I’m trying to put down one more journey we had taken. It was to CHIKMAGALUR with me, my wife, my brother, and Mr. & Mrs. Vijay. We started our journey late night in order to reach the place in time. We stopped somewhere after Kunigal and had wonderful food (Egg fried rice and Jeera rice) and continued our journey. We reached around 5 AM in the morning and quickly freshen up ourselves to reach Mullayangiri. The time was 9.30 in the morning when we reached and it was fog all around and we weren’t able to see hardly 100 meters. Forest department had closed the road due to heavy fog because of which we needed to walk for nearly 3 Kms to reach the steps of Mullayangiri. By the time, we reached the top it was 12 but it didn’t seem like it as fog covered all around and it was freezing like hell with a very cool breeze.

A temple resides on top of the hill which is small but feels very warm once entered. We spent nearly an hour on the top with many people taking photos of them and friends at many places. With the fog, our visibility was very less and the breeze made us shiver all the time but it was the moment to enjoy too. We headed back down and we were amazed to see the weather not change an iota.  We reached our car and headed towards Baba Budan or Manikydhara falls. We decided en route to visit Manikydhara falls first and then visit Baba Budangiri. The weather was not different here with many things in sameness such as greenery, fog, clouds and cool breeze. We were hungry when we came out of Baba Budangiri, so decided to have our lunch there. It was such a change to have lunch at a place where the food smells and taste different and the weather was at its best.

We checked the time and it was 5.30 PM which informed us to head back to our hotel. While driving back to the hotel, we saw this place called “Siri Coffee” and heard about its popularity for coffee. And me being a coffee freak cannot let that chance let go, so we decided to give it a taste. We relaxed for a while and ordered a couple of coffee and snacks. Must say, coffee did taste differently and I liked it. We finished our cup of coffee and got going from there. We reached the hotel, rested for a bit and went out for dinner somewhere nearby which was popular in the local. We walked back our way to the hotel and laid on the bed immediately as we were dead tired so that we can be fresh tomorrow.

Route Taken: Bengaluru -> Nelamangala -> Kunigal -> Hassan -> Belur -> Chikmagalur

Kms: 250+

Time taken: 5 Hours

Places Visited: Mullayangiri Peak, Manikdhara Falls, Baba Budangiri, Siri Coffee Cafe

Best Time to Visit: After rainy season (September-January)


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