Christmas Day

It is Christmas Day. Even though I belong to a different religion, I always loved Christmas for one sole reason and that was SANTA CLAUS. In my childhood, have seen many Christmas & Santa movies which increased my love for Santa every year.  As a kid, I believed in Santa very much, but as I grew up it decimated. One of the things I love about Christmas is the coziness and the anticipation that comes along with it.  I love how society (schools, offices etc.) shuts down and everyone gathers inside their houses to eat warming, seasonal foods that they’ve looked forward to all year long.

This year, one of our closest friends (Mamta & Nelson) had called up for the Christmas party at their home. We were speculative at first as we had plans of our own, as that was a long weekend. We decided not to travel anywhere as most of the places were booked and many of them were overly priced. A day before Christmas we decided to go the party. My brother was also in the city so we tagged him along to the party. We reached their home around 8 PM and many people had already gathered in. The party was organized in the party hall on the terrace. She introduced her friends to us and we jelled up pretty quickly. We bought a ‘Fish Bowl’  with a couple of golden fishes as Christmas gift for them, which they loved it.

One of their friends had brought Christmas cake, which they decided to cut to start the proceeding. After the cake cutting, snacks were served with alcohol & cold beverages. I personally enjoyed the pineapple sponge cake which brought the childhood memories of Hyderabad. If I remember correctly, I had 5 pieces of it ;-). Everyone sat around in groups with their friends & families talking, enjoying the songs tuned in by one of the guests.  As announced earlier, ‘Housie‘ game was arranged for the guests whose ticket was Rs. 20 each. We had taken 6 tickets in total (2 each or myself, my wife and brother) just to test our luck. And as expected, we failed. All of three of us failed and didn’t win neither of the three lines nor the full housie. As we were done with the game, dinner was brought to serve. There were Veg and Non-Veg dishes for the guests. I was already filled up with the starters and the cake :-), so had little vegetable rice and raita to it. My brother was bit high after a couple of drinks and was talking about luck and other stuff. We finished our dinner and sat for a couple of minutes until the hosts became free.

It was around 11.30 at night when we decided to take leave from them. We went down to collect our bag and take one last selfie amongst us for the remembrance. It a first-time experience attending a Christmas party for me and thoroughly enjoyed being there. Also, happy seeing the hosts having fun which was clearly evident on their faces. We were glad that we made to the party and had lots of memories to cherish for.


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