Pabbas, Mangaluru

I had been to Mangalore a couple of times but never knew that there was a famous ice cream parlor for which people wait outside in a queue. I have heard people waiting for many things in line, but for you Ice cream?! I said to myself, “Okay, let’s try and see what’s so special about Pabbas“.

It was New year’s time and we had no plans of ours so my wife insisted to visit their parents home (which was in Udupi then). That’s when we planned to visit Pabbas as it’s only an hour drive from there. We reached Udupi in the evening of 28th December and rested for the day. Next couple of days, we visited a couple of beaches, explored new places in and around Udupi & Agumbe (St. Mary’s Island, Kudlu Theertha, Varanaga etc). IOn the last day, we went trekking to Kudlu Theertha in the morning and reach back around evening. Everyone dazed off for a while and around 6.00 PM, we suddenly planned to visit the ice cream parlor. We reached there by 7 pm and waited for 15-20 minutes to get the seating. The place was hustling with people and out of it with people gossiping, waiters rushing around etc. The first impression about it wasn’t good (as I seldom like crowded places). But, then the impression changed to neutral as one has to see the time of visit to the place (being a new year Eve) and the staff was experienced enough to manage the crowd.

I’m not an Ice cream fan but what intrigued me was their menu. I’m not referring to various kinds of ice cream flavors but how they have used ice cream in things I didn’t even imagine such as Pizza, Sandwich, Gadbad and many more. We tried many things(Chocolate Dad, Special Gadbad, Cake sandwich, Pizza ice cream, Tiramisu etc.) but my personal favorite is the Cake Sandwich. To sum it up, it was a good experience.

Done with Ice creams

If you guys are visiting Mangalore and have a few evening hours to spend, then I would recommend you to try their Ice creams (check Zomato for the user’s pick to get the idea).


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